What to do if Yahoo Mail Not Sending or Receiving Emails?

Yahoo! mail offers excellent services to its users but somehow if you experience some issues in sending and receiving emails in Yahoo, then you need immediate troubleshooting steps to fix it. Read the complete post and get complete steps on how to troubleshoot Yahoo mail not sending or receiving emails problem.

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How To Resolve Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails Issue?

If you are a Yahoo mail user and you are not getting the emails you expect, then it might be quite frustrating. You need to use below steps to recognize if there's a problem with your account or the sender's account which is preventing the emails from arriving to your Inbox.

1. Check for any Possible Errors in your Yahoo Mail Account:

Before opting for the troubleshooting steps for Yahoo mail not receiving emails issue, you need to check few things in your account. You need to check for whether there is any other error due to which this problem is happening.

For this, you need to sign in to your Yahoo Mail account from a computer and then send yourself an email. In case you get an error while sending email then you need to fix the issue causing that error, or if you don’t get an error and receive the email, then your account is working as expected.

If there is still an issue in receiving emails, then you need to check your account settings, sometimes wrong or inappropriate settings can prevent emails from getting to your Inbox. You need to check below-mentioned settings to resolve this technical mishap:

2. Check your Yahoo Mail Account Settings:

  • Spam folder – You need to check your spam folder. Sometimes emails were mismarked as spam, so you need to see if the email you are looking for is in the spam folder or not. If it's in the spam folder, select the email and click the "Not Spam" tab Yahoo mail not spam icon to move the email to Inbox.
  • Trash Folder – Check your trash folder to see if the email was mistakenly deleted.
  • Blocked address – Check if the sender is in your blocked addresses list as you may have blocked it by mistake.
  • Email filters - Check the filters in your yahoo mail in case the missing email could've arrived in another folder.
  • Reply-to address – Most important thing is to make sure that your reply-to address is blank.

If you didn't find any issue or problem in your account then surely the problem is in sender's mail account. You can ask the sender for checking his/her email settings and if needed take help from our 24/7 third party Yahoo technical support helpline to fix the issue.

How To Resolve Yahoo Mail Not Sending Emails Issue?

As Yahoo mail is used by people all across the globe, it may undergo some problems. To fix these problems, you need to update your web browser or adjusting computer settings so that you can use your account properly.

  • To resolve this issue, you need to update your browser to the most up-to-date version of a supported browser.
  • You also need to troubleshoot the browser and computer settings so that these issues will not interfere with Yahoo Mail working properly.

In case you are having trouble in sending email in yahoo mail then you should know the reasons behind these are problems you might encounter.

Check the "Suspicious Activity" or "Account temporarily blocked from sending"

If there is any "suspicious activity detected" and "account temporarily blocked from sending messages" then Yahoo will put your account on hold, preventing you from sending email from your Yahoo account. This may take some time to clear on its own. You can avoid this error in the future by limiting the amount of sending emails. Yahoo will block your account to send messages if:

  • You are sending a lot of emails in a short time.
  • In case there is any duplicate content info in your email repeatedly.
  • In case you are sending 1 or more emails to a large number of recipients.
  • Due to poor network connection so your email gets stuck in the outbox.

Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number 1 888 393 1323 USA and Canada

Limits on sending email in Yahoo Mail

Sometimes you are not able to send messages as you have crossed the limit of email sending in your yahoo mail. To improve enforce anti-spam policies, you need to check whether you have passed the limit of email sending as Yahoo will not disclose the number of recipients or emails you have sent at one time.

In case you have received a notification that your account limit has been met, then wait for some time and then send messages again.

Hopefully this piece of write up will help you to resolve the yahoo mail receiving and sending error in an efficient manner.

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