Yahoo Mail Breach – The Biggest Intrusion in the History of the Internet

Yahoo Mail Security Breach

Yahoo is regarded as the early adopter of email services. The company introduced Yahoo Mail service in 1997 and soon become a major success worldwide. However, with the time and technological advancement, Yahoo Mail seems to lack the required pace. And, this can be considered as one of the reasons for the fall of Yahoo Mail in 2013 when one-third of its users’ accounts were said to be hacked.

The first data breach in Yahoo Mail occurred in August 2013 and the second one occurred in late 2014. According to Yahoo, the 2013 breach was executed by an unauthorized third party. And as a safety measure, Yahoo asked all the affected users to change their account passwords and reset the security questions & answers to make them encrypted in the future.

In September 2016, Yahoo disclosed about the 2014 breach which reportedly affected 500 million user accounts. Also, it was reported by the Yahoo that the 2014 breach was done using the manufactured web cookies to forge login credentials, letting hackers to get access to any account with the need of a password.

Further, in December 2016, Yahoo reported about the August 2013 Breach which was first reported to have affected one-third (around 1 billion) of Yahoo Mail user accounts. However, as per the latest report that surfaced in October 2017 affirmed that all 3 billion of Yahoo Mail users’ accounts were affected in this biggest breach in the history of the internet.

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Data which was taken in these breaches mainly included names, phone number, email addresses, date of birth, hashed passwords, and encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers. Moreover, as per Yahoo, the 2014 breach was executed by a “state-sponsored actor” and the company asserts that such illicit activities by state-sponsored actors have become very common in the technology-driven world.

Yahoo has not only been criticized for the delay in discovering and disclosing these breaches, but also for not implementing the better security measures in time. The company is facing multiple lawsuits along with an investigation being carried out by the United States Congress’ members for showing a careless attitude towards security and safety of users’ data and personal information.

In addition, the breach also affected the Verizon’s (current owner of Yahoo) plans to buy Yahoo for around $4.8 Billion as it resulted in a drop of $350 million in the final price on the deal completed in June this year.

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