Get Instant Yahoo Customer Support for Yahoo Mail Pro

Yahoo is known for offering both free and paid email accounts to the users. While the free Yahoo Mail accounts come with 1 TB of online storage, supported by advertisement, the paid version of Yahoo (Yahoo Mail Pro) offers an advertisement-free interface along with additional support options. If you wish to use Yahoo Mail Pro account, there are certain things that you may want to know beforehand.

About Yahoo Account Pro

The main highlight of Yahoo Account Pro which makes it more useful compared to free Yahoo Account is the 24/7 technical support by phone for different Yahoo products such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, and more.

The 24/7 Available Yahoo Account Pro Specialist can help users with:

  • Yahoo Mail Account
  • LastPass Premium
  • Password reset assistance
  • Basic support availability for Yahoo services such as Yahoo Sports, Finance, Homepage, and Search questions.

How to Buy Yahoo Account Pro?

If you wish to buy the Yahoo Account Pro services, you can purchase it by visiting Yahoo Account Pro page. On the page, you can either click on the Sign up now button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase, or you can call on 8000-305-7664 to place an order.

Highlights of Yahoo Mail

There are certain important features of Yahoo Mail which makes it useful for carrying out various email-related tasks.

  • Easily sends email messages with attachments up to 25 MB.
  • Option to access your Yahoo Mail account through other email services such as Gmail, Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird via IMAP.
  • Option to automatically forward email messages from your Yahoo Mail account to another email address.
  • Availability of keyboard shortcuts to browse and compose email messages.
  • Option to collect email from additional POP accounts and send emails from other accounts using Yahoo Mail.
  • Availability of custom folders to organize email messages.
  • Option to secure your Yahoo Mail account using two-step authentication, and Yahoo Account Key.
  • Create disposable email addresses as aliases in your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Option to set up 200 filters for automatically deliver incoming mail and block email addresses.
  • Create spam filter rules.
  • Block remote images or other harmful content and Scan files for viruses.
  • Dedicated mobile application for both Android and iPhone.

While the above-mentioned features are available for both free and paid version of Yahoo Account, the main factor which distinguishes Yahoo Pro from the free version is the additional support options. Other features that you can compare between the free and paid version of Yahoo account are as follows.

Difference Between Free Yahoo Account and Yahoo Account Pro (Paid)

Well, no email version can be judged to be perfect because of preference differences among users. Similar is the case with Yahoo Mail pro. Though it comes with several interesting features for the users, then there are also some features which users may not like in it. Some of the major difference between free Yahoo Account and Yahoo Account Pro (Paid) are mentioned below.

Free Yahoo Account Yahoo Account Pro (Paid)
Limited Support Option Additional support options such as phone support.
No phone support is available. 24/7 Phone support is available.
Slight lack of agility and responsiveness. Fast and responsive performance.
Live chat and email support are the best assistance options available. Phone support is the best assistance options available.
No additional password security manager is provided except Account key and two-step verification. Comes with a secure password manager, LastPass Premium.
Advertisements appear in the interface, making a cluttered interface. No advertisement is displayed, offering a clean interface.

How to Contact Yahoo Customer Support to Get Assistance for Yahoo Account Pro?

Seeking assistance from Yahoo customer support for your Yahoo account pro is quite easy. Once you sign up for a Yahoo Account pro subscription, you will be given access to contact 24/7 live phone support agents. To know how to contact Yahoo customer support for assistance with your paid Yahoo Account, follow the instructions mentioned herein below.

  1. Begin by signing in to your Yahoo account.
  2. Once you are logged in to your account, go to the Yahoo Help page.
  3. On the Yahoo Help page, you will need to click on the Speak with a Live agent option located on the upper right corner (next to the Sign-in Helper box).
  4. As you will click on the “Speak with a Live agent” option, you will be provided instructions to contact a Yahoo live agents to get assistance for your issue or query.

Is Yahoo Mail Pro Account a Good Choice?

In a nutshell, Yahoo Mail pro is a good option if you wish to have an ad-free interface with instant Yahoo customer support. The best thing about Yahoo Mail pro is the availability of fast Yahoo customer service options. Yahoo Mail pro users get additional support option of live-chat and phone support which is restricted for free Yahoo Mail users. So, if clutter-free interface, instant Yahoo customer support, and security of your account (LastPass Premium) is your priority, you can buy a Yahoo Mail Pro account.