Know How to Fix Yahoo Mail Attachment Issue

mail attachment error

Yahoo has always been popular among email users for various reasons including Yahoo support services and its features. One of the most attractive features is Yahoo mail attachment. If you want to send your recent pictures to your family members or some important file to your business associates, you can attach the file to the email and send it within no time.

Yahoo Email Attachment Problems:

Many Yahoo users have to face trouble while attaching a file or downloading one. There can be several reasons for the problem including the followings:

  • You are sharing a system file that is not supported by Yahoo. It does not allow attachment of system files as a hacker can use the files to gain unauthorized access to user computers.
  • The file may have a virus and got rejected during virus scanning.
  • The file may contain some special characters that are not allowed.
  • The file is encrypted. Yahoo does not allow attaching any encrypted files to the email to keep its users protected as it can contain a malicious script to hack into a user account.
  • You will not be able to attach a folder to Yahoo email as it allows attaching files only.
  • The file size is more than 25 MB

Fix the Yahoo Email Attachment Problems:

Some specific steps can be taken if file attachment is not working. If you are unable to attach the files, you can consider the following options:

  • If a virus infects the file, you should immediately install a reliable anti-virus and scan the file. After disinfecting the file, you will be able to attach it. It is always highly advisable to keep a reliable anti-virus active on your computer all the times.
  • If your file contains some special characters like %!*$& etc. you should rename the file by removing the special characters.
  • If the file size crosses the allowed limit, you can compress the file or resize it. Uploading to a cloud server and sharing URL is advised in such scenarios especially if the file cannot be resized or compressed.

Attaching the Whole Folder to Yahoo Email:

You may want to attach a complete folder to an email as attaching all the files one by one can take a lot of time if there are many files. But attaching a folder to Yahoo email is not possible. But you can create a zip file and add the folder in it. Then attach the zip file, and you will be able to send the whole folder as an attachment.

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