How to set up Skype Click to call feature?

Skype Click to call

Skype is one of the applications used which offer users with free messages, voice and video calls to anyone anywhere. In case you want to make the best use of the power of Skype in your life, then you can use Skype Click to call feature by installing the app on your browser. This is a simple add-on process which allows you to connect with the functionality of Skype.

The app helps you in robotically detecting phone numbers, and permits you to call that number directly from your web browser. The best thing about this Skype app is that you can simply tap on the number to call. The app is compatible with the all the three major browsers. So while installing the application you need to select on which browser you want to use the application.

How to set up Skype Click to call feature?

  • Simply download the Skype app and tap on the Click to call the plug-in.
  • Now restart your browser of choice
  • You can also check the phone numbers on web pages.

For any type of difficulty, you can contact a third party tech service providing company and get help from our professional experts to set up Skype Click to call feature.

How to start a call from your web browser?

  • Ensure that you are signed in to your Skype account.
  • Now hover your mouse on the phone number and tap to call.
  • In case you need any change then you can simply change your country code, tap on the drop-down arrow.
  • Lastly, tap on OK and a call will start in Skype.
  • In case you don't have installed Skype on your system then tap to download and install it on your browser yet, follows these steps:
  • Simply go to the Skype website and > look for Skype and tap to Call.
  • After finding the app > tap on the download button to start installing the application into your computer system or laptop.
  • Now install the add-on feature and close the browser.
  • After this restart, the app and your Skype Click to call button is now working on your browser's toolbar.

Using this Skype Click to call feature is very simple, since you can enable and disable the feature or even uninstall the application. In case you confront any sort of issue in using the Skype call feature then you can dial a toll-free Microsoft helpline number and get instant help from our expert technicians in an efficient manner.

Call Skype Phone Support Toll Free 1-888-262-8202 (USA & Canada)