SBCGlobal Email Recalling Feature Not Working - How to Fix

You have sent the mail to the wrong recipient and now you just wish that he/she doesn’t see it or it just vanish from the recipient’s mailbox magically. If you have ever wished to undo a sent mail, you must have tried the mail recalling feature. This feature claims to delete the unread copy of a message (that you have sent by mistake) from recipients’ inbox. Many email service providers such as Gmail, Outlook and SBC Global provides this feature. This feature is a boon as it could save users from various embarrassing situations. But, the question here is does this feature really works? It is found that in most of the cases this feature doesn’t work. Here are some possible reasons why the feature is not working (in Gmail, Outlook and SBCGlobal). You can try to resolve these and see if you can successfully recall the message.

Recipient using different email Service

If the recipient is not using the same email service as you (if you are using SBCGlobal then recipient must be on the same email service), the recall feature might fail to work. So, try using this feature with a friend using same email service.

Recipient Logged Out

The recalling feature might not work if the recipient is logged out. In this case you will be lucky only if the recipient is logged in and doesn’t see your mail.

Message moved from Inbox

If the recipient have moved the message from inbox to some other folder or might have made such settings to automatically move your messages to specific folder; you will not get the results of mail recalling feature.

Message is Read

What could be worse than this? The recipient has already read the message or has viewed it from the Preview Pane. The recalling feature will not work here and using it will not even help.

These might be the possible reasons why your SBCGlobal email recalling feature is not working. Moreover, you can always contact the customer support or any third party independent service provider for SBCGlobal Customer service.

Safe Emailing Tips

Before you hit the send button always re-read your mail’s content, check that you have correct email ids in To, Cc and Bcc fields, insert a suitable subject and check if you have attached the correct file. Sending confidential data to wrong person will bring you in a troublesome situation. So, always practice safe e-mailing.

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