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Roku streaming player is a digital media set-top box which is not only known for its excellent quality and service but also for its reasonable and lightning-fast response. Roku is available in different models such as Roku express, premiere, ultra, streaming stick, etc. which makes it more convenient for the users to select the right one. However, even after being a reliable and usable gadget, you can’t consider it be fluent all the time as different technical problems sometimes affect the user experience.

But Roku users do not have to worry as they can get help from official Roku customer service team through live chat, email, phone support, instructional articles, social media, etc. Roku users from USA & Canada can also contact our third-party 24/7 Roku customer support toll-free phone number to get quick assistance for every Roku related issues. So, no matter the problem you are facing with your Roku player, you can always rely on our customer care representatives for an appropriate solution.

How to Contact Roku Customer Support for Technical Problems:

There are various factors involved that make the technical issues inevitable for the users in Roku streaming services. Stated below are some of the most common problems the Roku users experience with their Roku Streaming Player.

  • Unable to setup Roku player
  • Roku is not working at all
  • Trouble with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Billing issues
  • Low audio quality
  • Non-HD video streaming
  • Cannot access Roku customer service
  • Unable to connect Roku set-top box to HDTV
  • Poor video streaming quality
  • Having trouble while playing games on Roku

Roku Support Number (USA & Canada Toll Free)

If you are having any problem with your Roku streaming player, you can contact the official customer support through any of the followings options:

How to Contact Official Roku Customer Care

Help & Support Department
Contact Information
Setup and Troubleshooting Help
Roku Customer Support Page

Although you can avail solutions through the official Roku customer care, however many users look for third-party 24/7 Roku customer support service when they don’t get an appropriate solution from the official customer support. And this is where we excel. Through the experience of our passionate support team, we strive to bring the best possible answer to your issues and queries.

Why You Need a 24/7 Third-Party Roku Customer Service Number?

Whenever you face a technical glitch with your Roku stick, you look for a convenient and faster solution to the problem. But sometimes the official Roku customer support is unable to help you and thus users seek immediate assistance from third-party Roku customer care team like us.

As a leading third-party Roku customer support service provider, we always endeavor to cater customers with best in class service and solutions. For that, we offer 24-hour customer service helpline number (Toll-Free), email support and live-chat support. Our team works round the clock to instantly respond to all your queries and provide you quick solutions. No matter the time, no matter the issue, you can always count on our experts for a prompt resolution to any of the below technical problems.

  • Unable to activate Roku player: Before enjoying Roku player, a user must activate the services. But if you are having any trouble with the activation, you can contact our help desk for a prompt solution.
  • Cannot connect Roku to your HDTV: If you are unable to connect your Roku set-top box to your HDTV, our customer service professionals can instantly eliminate the problem without any hassle.
  • Poor video quality: It can frustrate you if you are unable to enjoy good quality video streaming. But our skilled Roku support can instantly remove the problem and offer you an enhanced streaming quality.
  • Unable to play games on Roku: One of the added perks of Roku is that you can also enjoy a variety of games. But if you are having any problem with the games, our qualified Roku technical support experts can offer you an appropriate solution to the problem without any delays.

What Makes us Better than Official Roku Support?

We have provided a small comparison below for your understanding that what makes us better than the official customer care.

Official Roku Customer Care
Third-Party Roku Customer Support
Experts are not available round the clock Professionals accessible 24/7
The staff may not be much cooperative Cooperative and helpful experts
May have to wait longer for a response Prompt response to all Roku customer queries
Have to wait for days to get a solution Instant solutions for every problem
Irritating and complicated Quite convenient and simple
*Don't waste your time - Call us to get help!
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