How to Access Outlook Email on Web for Business

Access Outlook Mail For Business

Let’s start with the new rolled updates and features that Microsoft is providing to its users almost every year. If we take about Microsoft then it also offers with the Outlook web which is one of the personal information managers and is also a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Outlook Web App is previously acknowledged as Outlook on the Web or Outlook Web Access. It is a browser-based email client that lets you access your mailbox from approximately any web browser.

Though frequently used mainly as an email application, but it offers you amid a wide variety of features like calendar, contact manager, task manager, web browsing and much more. It can be used solitary or with Microsoft Exchange Server for numerous users in an organization.

It offers you with various subscription plans and features if you are looking for fully installed applications like Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Access then you need to purchase a subscription plan of Office 365 and grab the benefits of all these in one single plan.

Know What Actually Office 365 Is?

As the name suggests Office 365 is totally a brand new name Microsoft uses for its product. It a collection of software and services subscriptions, that will collectively offer various software and related services to its users. For customers, the service allows them to use these office apps on their Windows and MacOS devices. The product provides you with a storage space on OneDrive, and also other quality plans per month.

Most of the versions of Office 365 introduced by Microsoft also comprise the desktop version of latest Office applications that you can simply install across several computers and devices you need. The online plans that it offer are a great preference for definite business needs, and they are planned and designed in such a manner with the most up-to-date version of Office, Office 2013, and Office 2011 for Mac users. It is mostly used by business persons to manage their entire work properly.

In addition to this if you are using office 365 then you need to get started with the outlook email on the web for business and enjoy all the features and plans that it offer you. Furthermore, if you are using 365 and your mail ends at (,,, or then you simply need to sign in your account using web page.

What type of Microsoft email (,,, or

If you are using Office 365 and are not using Exchange-based email account then what you need is to simply switch to your plan and use the Exchange-based email account to use Outlook on the web for your business. In case your email address that you use ends in,,, or, then you can sign in to your account using web page. If you are thinking to set up your Office 365 for business then you need to sign into Exchange Online license to use various email services in an efficient manner.

Along with this most of the users who are using for their business often raises a question that why to use outlook on the web for their business as sometimes users are not able to understand the difference between the two.

What Is The Difference Between Outlook.Com And Outlook On The Web?

In order to understand the difference between the two first of all you should know in short what exactly these two are:

As the name suggests Outlook Web App is the Microsoft Outlook version for web browser while as which is previously known as is a recent email service that offers its customers amid free email services or personal use.

On the other hand Outlook web is the web browser that is used by businesses persons for their organizations introduced by Microsoft. It is only used to access Office 365 for business using Microsoft Exchange Server.

Apart from this email addresses include,, and If you are using Outlook on the web then you cannot sign in to an account using that web browser.

For getting more information about how to access your existing account or how to outlook email on the web for business you need to read this complete piece of write up and get complete details and steps about the same.

Steps On How To Access Outlook Email On The Web For Business

Simply Follow The Below-Mentioned Steps For Using Your Outlook On The Web:

  • First of all, you need to open your web browser.
  • After this go to Office 365 sign-in page and proceed further by entering the complete info required in the given fields.
  • Type your full email address.
  • Type your password.
  • While entering password and email ID write it carefully.
  • Then select sign in option and proceed.
  • Select the app launcher that is provided on the page in the upper right corner of Office 365 icon, and then select Mail, Calendar, or People.
  • Finally, you can use your account successfully.

Hopefully this piece of write up gives you complete information about how to access outlook email on the web for business and if you are getting any issue then you can Contact helpline phone number of outlook technical support toll free to fix your issue.

Contact Outlook Customer Support Toll Free 1-888-262-8202 (USA & Canada)