How To Manage Spam Filters in Yahoo (With Pictures)

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We sign in to our Yahoo account in the morning and see hundreds of emails in it. In fact, this became a quite common with Yahoo email users. Whenever you will sign in; it will be flooded with emails; including business emails, personal emails, professional emails, promotional emails and subscription emails. This a real difficult task to find out our important email which we are searching in this ocean of email.

Yahoo users are not going to suffer with this problem. Yahoo understands this concern properly and they introduced the email filters feature in Yahoo mail. Your mails in Yahoo mail now filter and categorized with their utility. The emails can be managed in a single Yahoo mail account using filters. You can add up to 1000 types of customized filters.

This helps us to keep the inbox clean and organized. You can define a category of email and manage the similar one. You can create, edit, delete and sort various filters in your Yahoo account. Well, you don’t need to be worried, if you don’t know how to add or remove a filter in Yahoo mail. We have this brilliant guide for you to learn to use filters on Yahoo mail. You need to understand that the filter you will create will work for upcoming emails, not on the earlier received emails. You need to sign into your Yahoo mail account first to manage filters.

Learn to create a filter

  • Go to your Yahoo mail account.
  • Then mouse over the Settings icon and choose Settings option
  • Here click on Filters option.
  • And then click on Add button
  • You need to specify a name for your filter, so write a Filter Name
  • After that specify the criteria for filter by entering the filter criteria
  • And now choose a folder to deliver the affected emails to or choose New Folder for creating a new one
  • Once your are done then click on Save button
  • After that click on Save again to return to your emails
  • You have successfully created the filter

Learn to edit a filter

You can edit a filter if needed. This will help you to manage your filter and emails

  • From your Yahoo mail account, simply mouse over the Settings icon and then choose Settings
  • After that click on a particular filter name from your list which you wish to edit
  • And then click on Edit
  • Now you can make required changes and then save it by clicking Save
  • Then click Save again to go back to your email

Learn to delete a filter

  • Once you signed in your Yahoo mail account, then go to the Settings icon and choose Settings
  • Here you need to click on a filter from your list
  • And then click on Remove button
  • After that click on Save button to return to your email

You are done with different uses of Yahoo mail filters. This is really easy and good for managing your emails. You can filter them and get a more precise email whenever needed. If still you are getting issue then you can contact Yahoo customer care support service toll free

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