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Oh, it’s Facebook, the largest social networking platform at the moment with billions of users have opportunities to not only just share photos and views with friends and families, but also make it a perfect business channel. Equipped with state-of-the-art features, it gives users quick access to communicate with their buddies, promote a business or create a fan page. Everything is possible under one roof. Every day thousands of Facebook accounts are created. From college going teens to office goers, from the old man sitting at the corner tea shop to the millionaire businessman dealing with elite clients, Facebook has become part and parcel of everyone’s life. As they say, life is not a bed of roses – users of Facebook are always not privileged enough to use uninterrupted service.

Here are some common issues that you might come across while using Facebook:

  • Invalid username and password while trying to log in.
  • Wrong password or password not working or password lost.
  • Account is inaccessible due to some other reasons.
  • Not able to reach out Facebook support.
  • Facebook videos not running or issues related to videos.
  • Account setting problems.
  • Problems related to video calling, chatting, photos not getting uploaded either on profile or timeline, etc.
  • Text messages are not getting delivered.
  • Problems in opening videos, photos or images.
  • Facebook games fail to load.
  • Composing Facebook messages getting failed time and again.
  • Facebook Account hacked.
  • Security related issues.
  • Issued related to games, apps and friend requests.
  • Attached email ID issues.
  • Singing in problems.
  • The account has been compromised or used by others.
  • Delay in delivering messages.
  • Can't login to another device.
  • Error in tagging pictures or images and videos with friends.
  • Not able to promote the fan page correctly.
  • Issues with hiding private messages.
  • Issues while sending an attachment to the concerned person.
  • Problems in blocking others.
  • Difficulty in creating a new account.
  • Facebook password recovery problem.
  • Issues with promoting the business page to the right audience.

Users must admit that technical glitches in Facebook are unavoidable. In case you come across such problems and fail to access your Facebook account, remember that Facebook customer support is there to help. Be it an individual or an organization; our third party Facebook technical support is available for everyone. We are an independent tech support company offering the highest standard technical support to fix all sorts Facebook problems. Having several years of experience in this industry, we can proudly say that our services are unbeatable. If you are seeking quick and reliable service without being worried, consider our tech geeks. They are certainly worth considering. Our Facebook customer service phone number is toll-free and can be reached from anywhere.

Our dedicated Facebook support team is versatile and bags of industry knowledge. Reaching out these professionals is very easy and hassle free. You can reach them out via our Facebook customer care number. The number is toll-free and available round-the-clock. This enables users to put aside worries of spending money for this since the Facebook support service incurs no charges. You can further make unremitting conversations till the problem is fixed. Our technicians can assure that they will not disappoint you. Our Facebook support professionals show expertize in the corresponding domain.

Facebook Support Phone Number +1-800-675-6486 (USA &Canada)

Our Facebook Support Is Recognized For:-

  • Having Microsoft certified technicians.
  • Offering 24/7 tech support through toll-free phone number
  • Providing error-free and quick Facebook customer service for U.S.A. and Canada.
  • Offering round-the-clock Facebook toll-free number at your disposal.
  • Providing Facebook live customer service
  • Offering Facebook spam blocker
  • Providing information on Facebook apps
  • Providing support for Facebook page
  • Giving video chat support
  • Offering quick service for Facebook account backup
  • Providing instant assistance for hacked account
  • Providing news feed assistance

Whether your Facebook account got hacked or you are facing trouble in making video calls – no matter what the problem is, we render the best technical service via our third party toll-free customer care number. Unlike other companies that just promise and do not act, our way of working and handling the issues is unique. By choosing us, you have indeed made the right decision. Also, you have landed at the right spot to get the best solution and guidance on Facebook apps for your small business or managing multiple Facebook pages.

Why Independent Facebook Support from Us?

  • An able team.
  • Round-the-clock remote access.
  • No hassle, instant access and quick availability of the best Facebook customer solution.
  • Professionals are well-versed, highly qualified, certified and dedicated.
  • We secure all your personal and private data.
  • We have plan for each individual.
  • Capable of dealing with the most adamant troubles.
  • Highest standard service with 100% customer satisfaction.

Facebook Customer Service Number 1-800-675-6486 (USA Canada)

Being an eminent Facebook technical support service provider, we ensure that not a single user is left unhappy, unsatisfied and disappointed. We understand and own the accountability to help every Facebook user, no matter which part of the world he or she resides, achieve his or her goals without spending a fortune or something similar to this.

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I would like to know why facebook locked my account and keeps asking for a picture id. Happened over 10times. Can you please put to me and advise and fix this problem? I am very disappointed.

"Rod Dhimitri"

I just received a new Samsung 7 phone, the phone service downloaded my facebook page. I forgot my password and they texted it but continually kept blinking saying I had entered too many times. I took a three week break and still can't log in. The phone service tried as well. Help!

"Cynthia Smith"

My original email address was alcortopassi[at]sbcglobal.net. I can’t access Facebook and want to; how can I correct this. I went to a website that asked me to download a photo of myself and it’s got a blue line at the top that keeps going around and around and I can delete it.

"Lynne Cortopassi"

I need help recovering my password

"Kristen Howe"

I was on FB this morning and all of sudden I was unable to get it. I requested lost password and the number FB text me is not working. It keeps giving me network error.

"Venus Lagmay"

I need help to delete my account

"James Anderson"

I try enter my new Facebook but I can't enter Facebook account is wrong something's


Why does fb keep locking my account and asking for a picture.its happened over 10 x

"Kardel Alston"

I use the Gmail I provided here for personal. I need to recover my 14 year old sons account I deleted this month of august 2017. I had his permission to his password and login. I do have an attorney you may contact if necessary,this is very important. Thank you.Brad Emmons. Please contact me ASAP.

"Brad Emmons"

Like I deactivated my account by mistake in I don't have the same number link to that account so it won't let me reactivate I'm mad

"Sheree Sapp"

I would like to know I don't have access to my Facebook account this time. This is the second time in less than six months...

"Theresa Gossel"

My name is Gator James Little originally fro bereaved county Florida but for the past 6 years lived in Ohio I'm am trying to change my name on my profile to the name I have gone by for the last 6 years and none as I am in the process of legally changing my name from my adopted name to my bialogical fathers name who is Randy Little I have no contact with my adopted parents since I was a very young man and would like to close this part of my past the has tormented me since I was 6 years old when I started get abuse in ways I can talk about. and when I escaped Florida I left the name James Clifford Warnick behind me so please help me with this problem and please contact me at phone or email. Thank u Gator. James Little

"Gator James Little"


Facebook Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-675-6486 USA/Canada