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I was on the phone with someone named Norman got disconnected and he has not called back yet. I need help with getting my notes from your yahoo server back to my IPhone. I’m Looking for about 66 notes. I’ve already did troubleshooting with Apple Support and AT&T. Apple suggested that I get in touch with yahoo, since the notes are stuck in your server. Please I need someone to get back to me ASAP.

"Theodora Brown"

I have been trying to access my Yahoo mail but I can't due to the reason that I have forgotten my password. I made the yahoo account when I was younger and can't remember the password. I would like some much needed help with this issue. I have tried the guided help yahoo offers but I found myself going in loops. The number I have on the account I no longer have nor do I remember it. I dont recall ever putting a recovery Email on the account either. I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.

"Robert English"

I have been in the hospital for several weeks and sick for a long time. I need someone to clean up my email account by deleting all emails. I have over 11000 emails and don't have have the energy to delete page after page. Please do this for me. I am also bed ridden and half blind due to diabetic retinopathy. Thanking you in advance.

"Pamela williams"

I finally got into my ATT mail and had both ATT and Yahoo. I cannot log into yahoo since the split from Att. Important things in folders and memories of my Mother In my yahoo email. How do I get that yahoo mail back at least until I print out what I want. I lost a lot of things with this split between ATT & Yahaoo. Can't I have 2 separate e-mails? Thank You for your help.

"karen black"

I received an email from Yahoo h9[at]lk.yhs, stating that I had requested that my Yahoo account be terminated. It also stated the my account would be terminated within 48 hours. There was a link for me to click on if I wanted to cancel my request. I believe that this is a scam. If it not a scam, I did not request that my Yahoo account be terminated.

"Sheila Vallade"


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