Yahoo Launches New Yahoo Mail App For Android With Color Themes

Yahoo Launches New Yahoo Mail App For Android With Color Themes

You can use various color themes when you access yahoo account from your handheld device on mobile. You have to just download the app and use the color feature to make your yahoo app on mobile phone more lively and impressive.

1.    In order to use yahoo mail app in your mobile with colored themes you have to update the app if you have old version of the app.

2.    For this you can go to Google play store and update the latest version. For this you will have to remove the old app and install the new app. For this you should also ensure that all your data is backed up so that you do not lose any data while upgrading.

3.    When you login tool your yahoo mail account from your smart phone or handheld device you to have to provide your same username and ID as well as password as you do to log into your yahoo account from laptop or computer.

4.    Once you login to your yahoo account properly you can go to settings. After this you will have to ensure that you follow the right steps so that you are able to make use of the colorful themes in yahoo mail.

5.    Go to the settings and go to the themes. There you will find various custom made themes and various colorful thing pictures which you can select. Usually this type of facilities provided for online access through computer. But these types of solutions are now provided by yahoo for handheld devices and smart phones as well.

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