Yahoo Customer Service Can Help You To Block Spam

Yahoo Customer Service Can Help You To Block Spam

Undoubtedly, yahoo mail is embellished with highly elegant and user-friendly features. It has millions of users with perpetually-increasing number. However, it is not entirely free from certain issues. It has its own share of issues and one among the most prevalent issues is the “spam”. In fact, it is not an exclusive issue of yahoo mail. Nevertheless, as a yahoo user, you have all the facilities available to get rid of this issue. The yahoo engineers have devised certain measures, which can help eliminate the issue of spam effortlessly. Pretty much information about, how to tackle the issue of spam is available on Yahoo help page or yahoo discussion forum.

How To Block Spam In Yahoo Mail Account

One of the most effective measures to get rid of the spam problem is to report spam. If the spam emails overburden the inbox of your yahoo mail, you can select those messages and report spam. Also, you can find the option of reporting spam at the top of your yahoo main page. This will help yahoo to identify the similar email messages as spam and route them to the spam folder. Such messages will not come again into your email inbox. Also, you should not open the spam emails as clicking on the spam mails encourages the spammers.

Blocking the email address that sends spam messages is also one of the most effective measures to prevent the spam emails from coming in to your inbox. For this, you need to click on the ‘Gear’ icon at the top and follow the ‘Settings’ until you find the ‘Block’ option. You can type the email addresses in the given space and then block them. Once you block the email addresses, they will no longer be able to send the spam emails to your yahoo email. Also, it is a good practice to delete the unknown email addresses from your contact list.

Though it is not a complex task to implement above measures to get rid of the spam problem, you have all the freedom to dial the yahoo customer service phone number and get the immediate technical assistance. The yahoo customer service is highly excellent and the yahoo experts can provide you the best technical support to not only get rid of the spam, but solve all kinds of technical issues related to Yahoo mail.