How to Unmerge Yahoo Email from AT&T?

unmerge Yahoo from At&t

Beginning mid-November 2017, users of Yahoo could no longer access or sign-in to myAT&T or with Yahoo ID. This means all merged (AT&T and Yahoo) accounts got separated into two separate email accounts beginning in early December 2017. Afterward, myAT&T account holders needed to use or myAT&T email address to sign in to myAT&T account – since Yahoo and AT&T have become two unique accounts.

If you “received an email message from AT&T saying your merged accounts were separated and when you log into your, you see the AT&T-Yahoo co-branded web page”, you must unmerge Yahoo email from AT&T manually.

How to Unmerge Yahoo Email from AT&T?

Don’t know whether you have a merged account? You possibly have one if –

  • You use the same password for both Yahoo and AT&T logins.
  • Sign in to your emerged account with either your Yahoo email address or AT&T email address.
  • While resetting the password, it redirects you to myAT&T account.
  • While resetting the password, it changes on both AT&T and Yahoo accounts.
  • Sign in to myAT&T account with either your Yahoo email address or AT&T email address.

Now that you are sure you have a merged account and are wondering “how do I unmerge my Yahoo email from myAT&T”, check out the below process to separate your AT&T account from your Yahoo email address.

  1. Go to the AT&T login page.
  2. Provide the correct user ID and password for your myAT&T account.
  3. Click on the “Sign In” button to sign in.
  4. Under “MY ATT”, go to “Profile” (from the top navigator bar).
  5. Click on the “Account Profile” option under “AT&T Email Accounts”.
  6. Select “User Information” and click on the “Delete Account” option.
  7. You will see a “Delete Email” confirmation popping up on the screen (this usually takes a few seconds after you have clicked the “Delete Account” option).
  8. Now, click on the “OK” option.
  9. Now, open the Yahoo sign-in page. Enter the login credentials (Yahoo user ID and password) and click “Sign In” to sign in.
  10. You would see an option that would allow you to “Unmerge” your Yahoo account from AT&T.

That’s how you separate your Yahoo Email from the AT&T account.

Possible Reasons That Led to Yahoo and AT&T Separation

There could be several reasons why users now have to use separate login credentials to access their Yahoo as well as AT&T accounts. However, it is assumed that users of both AT&T and Yahoo didn’t find their association quite impressive and they continued to access their respective pages using separate credentials – “My yahoo Page” for Yahoo and “My AT&T Page” for AT&T, rather than accessing “MY AT&T Yahoo Page”.

Since most of the users of Yahoo have been using their Yahoo Mail accounts for years, they probably found it quite awkward as they started facing various issues. Their personal experiences also got entangled or intertwined. Lack of ‘security’ could be another reason for these companies to depart.

What Happens Next…?

After you have unmerged your Yahoo account from AT&T, you will no longer be able to access both the accounts using the same login credentials. All your Yahoo accounts will remain standalone accounts. If you face any kind of issues in your Yahoo account, you must contact Yahoo. Similarly, if there’s a signing in error in your AT&T account, visit their “Help” section and read their “Help Articles” to get back into your account.

For “Suspended/ Inactive/ Error 550.5.2.1” in AT&T – This is quite possible and accounts may have been disabled from inactivity during the unmerge process. Wait for 48 hours and then sign in to your account. It will become active.

If getting redirected to Yahoo – in this case, you need to get rid of all cookies and cache from your browser. You can also think of using a different browser and type in to use your AT&T account.

The Impact

The association of AT&T and Yahoo allowed users to access their emails and other products and services on a single platform. This association got well along with some. However, with the unmerge of these two companies, uses who got along with the single platform would face several issues. And speaking of users who have no idea whether their account is working or even valid, things might not go well with them.

If you find difficulty accessing or signing in with your Yahoo Mail account, get in touch with the technicians immediately. The professionals can be reached 24/7. Simply contact Yahoo Customer Support to avail of yourself an instant resolution.

To contact AT&T professionals, dial the AT&T Customer Support number to quick help.

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