How To Unlock Temporarily Locked Facebook Account

Unlock Temporary Blocked Facebook Account

It is frustrating for Facebook users when they get the error as; For security reasons, your account is temporarily locked!

Facebook Account Blocked

This will give you pain in your heart; you can’t access your Facebook account anymore. It will stop your Facebook account to be used by anyone. This could be a security threat, as might be someone trying to get into your Facebook account unknowingly. When you find the issue of Facebook account has been blocked; you need to understand that your account will not be available for some more hours.

When you get the error of temporary locked, you need to understand the reasons behind this mistake. Why this situation occurred with your Facebook account. Before we move further to fix this issue; we have this quick guide to understand the reasons.

Why Your Facebook Account Blocked

  • Why Your Facebook Account Blocked
  • When Facebook is making an improvement or changes in the database
  • When someone reported your account as a fake account or requested Facebook to block the account
  • When Facebook has detected suspicious activity on your account and blocked it for security purposes
  • When there are some events of advertising, promoting illegal content, unsolicited contact for dating, harassment cases or any other inappropriate conduct on your Facebook account
  • When you have randomly adding a large number of friends and sending continuously message to so many users
  • When you accidentally violated any of the Facebook policy or term
  • When there are some login events on your Facebook account using different devices or locations

Now you know what made your Facebook account got suspended or blocked temporarily. Here we have the next step to unblock it; you can use this step by step guide.

Steps To Unlock Temporary Locked Facebook Account

  • The first step is to go to your web browser and open www.Facebook.com
  • Here, from the home page that opens up, you need to enter your account details to log in
  • Then, you will direct to the security page that opens up, here you need to select Get help from friends option

Get help facebook friend

  • Now, on the trusted contacts page that opens up, select a few of your friends who you know in person and who are directly in touch with you for a long while
  • As you are done, click on Continue button
  • The moment you move further, Facebook will send a security code to all the friends who you have just chosen for account recovery
  • After this, you need to connect all those friends and ask them to send you the code that they have received from Facebook for your Facebook account recovery
  • As you receive all the codes from your buddies, you can use the code to unlock your Facebook account quickly using these codes
  • That’s all

We recommend you to follow the Facebook policies and terms as well keep other recovery option open, and for instant help, you can contact Facebook customer support service helpline to speak with Facebook experts.


  • Facebook locked my account because someone else supposedly tried to use it. I clicked “forgot password” but Facebook does not recognize my e-mail or phone number to reset my password. Please advise what I can do.

  • why is Facebook constantly disabling my account the is like the God knows 15th time. I’m trying to reach you and no reply. please grant me access to my account or I’ll sue you

  • Why is my account constantly being harassed ? this is the second time I’ve had a 30 day suspension you let some maggot beat poor puppies to death on here, but that must be okay with you people, but put something petty and you get your underwear in a twist ! sucks to be you !

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