Unable to Play HD Videos Properly in Netflix Account

hd video issue in netflix

Netflix is an entertainment company from the United States, which has the primary business in providing streaming media and video-on-demand online. It offers you to watch videos, titles, shows, and other videos online, using your capable device and Netflix subscription.

Sometimes, users find it difficult to play HD videos properly in their Netflix account. We have this quick guide for users to get rid of with this issue and enjoy the amazing quality of HD or High Definition titles and videos; anywhere, anytime.


Check to make sure your plan supports HD

This is the first thing you do to check whether your Netflix plan supports HD videos or not. There are the various plan of Netflix subscription; the titles that have HD playback will play in HD automatically if your plan has HD subscription. In case, you don’t have the HD plan; simply upgrade to the Premium subscription


Adjust your Netflix playback settings

This could be possible when the playback settings are for Standard Definition; you can’t get the HD playback. The solution is hereby updating or adjusting the settings using these quick steps.

1. First, navigate to the Account section of the Netflix website after signing in
2. Now, choose Playback settings
3. Here, from the Data Usage, you need to select High
4. Then, save it by clicking on the Save button


Make sure your device is capable of displaying HD content

Netflix users need to understand that for viewing HD titles, your device, subscription, and settings should be in high definition. If your device is not capable of displaying HD content then, you can’t get HD output. Simply, check if the output video of your device is 720p or higher, your device supports HD video output else, you need to get an HD compatible device


Make sure your streaming device is properly configured for HD

You have HD subscription and your device is also compatible with HD output, but it should be connected via an output method that supports HD video, for example as the HDMI or Component Video. If you are using some other video output method; you will not get the high definition viewing experience.


Make sure your connection supports HD streaming

When you have everything at the right place to experience the high definition viewing; the HD subscription, HD connection, the HD compatible device, but your poor internet speed is the culprit. When your internet connection is not able to provide you with a connection speed of 5 megabits per second or higher; there is no chance to get HD viewing. If you are using a poor or slow internet speed plan; just switch to the better speed as 5MbPs or more will help you.

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