• I helped my mom reset her password and it made us use a phone number, and now she has on account key that comes to my cell phone. We want to go back to a password, but there is no manage my account key after we click on account security. No way to turn it off from a computer, and I do not want to download yahoo app on my phone.
    Dina dma627[at]aol.com

    • I cant get to my yahoo email account because my phone number has changed how do i just get back to access my email account with out this annoying security app please.

  • Hi I already change my recovery email and phone number, now can’t log into my email please help.i have an important document in my this yahoo email.
    this is my Gmail add :thomas.ten98[at]gmail.com

  • I could not find [Now tap on Manage option next to Yahoo Account Key.] on the HOW TO TURN OFF KEY FROM A COMPUTER. When i click on ACCOUNT SECURITY, it takes me to the sign in page.

    Kindly assist me on this

  • Hi there, cannot turn off account key through my computer with this method. Every time I want to go into account security I have to login with either my password or account key and it won’t allow me to do either. I hate the bloody thing. Any other suggestions would be helpful. Thanks Victoria.

  • I can’t turn off my account security key.
    I can get to my account security page and then i choose the MANAGE ACCOUNT KEY OPTION and although I can view the button to turn off the key, it refuses to disable this option. What do I do? as a result I can’t retrieve emails on my phone as it does not recognize my password.
    Please call me ASAP

  • I cannot open my email because it directed me to my Hotmail that I did not use it since 12 years. it sends the account key to this old email.

  • I DO NOT want pathetic account key. As I also do not have a mobile,how the hell am i supposed to access it I need you to remove this disgusting thing from my home PC

  • I don’t see manage option next to yahoo account key to disable account key in my yahoo id. Pls fix it.

  • I need my yahoo mail but forgot password and don’t have old phone please help it my main email and I’ve been trying for weeks

  • I want to turn off account key, my yahoo email is impt to me because i have impt files and first time not to go back on sign in ..
    Almost 10 yrs frm now my yahoo mail. But not go back anymore to sign in always asking for an account key… Pls help.

  • I want to turn off my acount key but I forget my password and I have changed my all phone numbers that used in Yahoo mail id .so what should I do plzzzz help me.

  • This “solution” is useless. As of 05/26/18, the problem still exists. I click on Account Security and all it does is take me back to the login page where I have to access my cellphone for the Access Code which takes me in to my email account – an endless loop. There is no “Yahoo Account Key is enabled” provision. I wish these people would leave well enough alone instead of trying to “improve” things – which they don’t – they just muck things up. To L with it. I’m going to use gmail.

  • Hi. I am unable to get my yahoo account key despite several attempts. Kindly disable for me. I prefer the log in password type. Thanks

  • Hi, how do I can disable the yahoo account key? My phone was stolen and my recovery number was there. I don’t have access to the other recovery email that was there. Please help me. I have important emails there.

  • I thought the account key was pretty secure and it’s worked well until a week ago when the crooks talked with Verizon and reset my pin and changed my account email address allowing them to port my phone. I knew they were in my email and gaining access to all of my accounts but I was able to kick them out of my email 5-6 times using the yahoo email app. Only problem was, they had access to my sms and were able to keep logging back and and finally disabled the account key, kicking me out. I was totally screwed from there. Only way back in was paying yahoo $12.99 , which was well worth it at the time. Your cell carrier is a very weak link.

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