How To Fix HP Slow Printing Speed Problem

slow printing speed in hp

You are impressed with the printing quality and printing speed of the HP printer and got your own HP printer. But, the trouble started when you installed it on your computer system and getting introduced to the various issues.

The poor or slow printing speed is one of them. When you are just taking one or two prints, the print speed doesn’t bother you. When you want to take more prints; you need to be quick and it is really frustrating if your HP printer is not responding properly.

What is the solution to the slow printing speed of your HP printer?

You can use these experts’ tips and tricks to get them better.

  • Check and Make Sure Right Driver is Installed

You should always make sure that you are using the correct and updated driver for your HP printer. Usually; the HP printer comes with the driver and installation disc, yet it used to get updated with time. The expert team of HP keeps fixing and updating the driver; so you should get the latest driver from their official website using this link https://support.hp.com/us-en/products.

  • While printing close all other Programs

There are a certain system configuration and working speed needed to get decent printing speed with your HP printer. When you are doing multitasking with your computer while taking a printer with it; chances are there that you won’t get required printing speed.

In such a case, you need to understand that before going for printing; simply close all the programs and applications to get a better speed while printing with your HP Printer.

  • Check the System Requirements for HP Printer

Let’s say; you got the new HP printer but didn’t check its compatibility with your computer system configuration or OS version. This is a crucial step; you need to use the correct computer configuration as the minimum system requirement, otherwise, you will struggle with the printing speed and frequent freeze will be an issue.

The solution is simple, always verify the minimum system requirement and make sure to get the same computer system. Here, this would be really amazing, if you can get the system configuration just above then the minimum requirement.

  • Remove Temporary Files and Installed Fonts

The temporary files installed fonts are good, but for a certain period of time; later they create a problem and slow down the speed of your computer and HP printer. The perfect answer is to simply delete the temporary files and installed fonts on a regular period of time to avoid any such difficulties of taking prints with your HP printer.

For professional help you can dial toll free HP printer customer support service number to fix your problem.

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