How to Recover & Change Forgot Outlook Password?

Outlook email forgot password

Remembering multiple passwords for different online accounts can be difficult for a lot of people. And if you enter the wrong password multiple times, you may be blocked from accessing your account temporarily for several hours. So what to do in such a case?

If you are an Outlook user and have forgotten the password for your account, you can quickly recover your account by resetting the password for your Outlook account. However, to reset the password for your Outlook account, you must have access to the account recovery options such as alternate email address or phone number associated with your account. If you have access to any of such recovery options, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to recover your Outlook account easily.

Steps to Recover Forgotten Outlook Password

1.) Go to the Microsoft Log-in page and enter your user ID (Email, phone, or Skype) in the provided field. Once entered, click Next.

2.) Now on the next screen, click Forgot my password link and you’ll be taken to the next screen. Select I forgot my password option and click Next.

3.) next, enter the captcha as shown on your screen and click Next. You will get three options something like these:

o    Email peno09@**mail.com

o    Text ********86

o    I don’t have any of these

Select any one of the options as per your preference to verify your identity.

4.) If you select any of the top two options, click Send Code. You’ll get a security code on your phone or email (as per the option you selected). Enter the code on the subsequent screen and click Next.

5.) This will take you to the Password Reset page. Simply enter your new password and click Next to recover your Outlook email account.

Note: If you select I don’t have any of these options in Step 3, you’ll be taken to a new page where you’ll be asked to provide an alternative email address. Do so and follow the on-screen instructions. If you are verified as the rightful owner of the account, you will be allowed to access your Outlook account.

How To Change Forgot Office Outlook 365 & Xbox Password

To use the Office Outlook 365 or Xbox, you need to have a Microsoft account. Just like to use any Microsoft products, it is important to create an account and have access to it. When you can’t log in to these accounts – Office Outlook 365 and Xbox, you need to reset the password immediately. Below, we have explained the easiest way to do it.

How to Reset Password for Office Outlook 365 and Xbox?

The steps to reset or change the password for Xbox or Office Outlook 365 are the same. All you have to do is to go online and fix the error, i.e. resetting the password.

4 Steps to Forgot & Change Office Outlook 365 & Xbox Password –

To reset password –

  1. Open your favorite web browser on your computer and access the Microsoft password reset tool. Here, you need to look for the option forgot your password, i.e. ‘I forgot my password’ and press ‘Next’.

You need to provide your Microsoft email address, type in the CAPTCHA (shown on the screen), and click on ‘Next’.

  1. The next step involves verifying your identity. Those users who have already added an alternate phone number or email address to their Microsoft accounts are in luck. If you, too, have done it, it becomes easier to reset the password. Microsoft will verify your identity through the alternate email address, text, use security verification app, etc. You will receive the security code via a phone number or email address and then verify the same by click on the option “send code”.
  2. Step #3 will require you to enter the security code and Microsoft will verify your identity. After providing the security code, you can click “Next”.

Note: If you change your mind and want to another verification option, click on ‘Use a different verification option’.

  1. Now, you are ready to ‘reset your password’. You can type and confirm the new password, and click ‘Next’. You will then be notified by Microsoft that your account has been recovered. You will have to use a new password to log in to your Microsoft Account.

What Happens When You Don’t Receive the Security Code?

If you neither have added an alternate phone number nor an email address nor a security app, you will be left with only one choice – “I don’t have any of these”. It becomes a little complicated. Well, you will be asked to enter an alternate email address (which you can get access to). The email address should be active and in use. After providing the email ID, you will click the NEXT option. MS will send a verification code, which needs to be provided to verify.

Next, Microsoft will ask a few details such as your First Name, Last Name, Birth Date, Country, and Answer Your Security Question. Click “Next”.

Microsoft will also like to know ‘any other passwords you have used for this account’, ‘have you used any of the Microsoft products below with your account before’ (Xbox, Skype, Outlook.com or Hotmail), and ‘have you ever purchased something from Microsoft before, such as software, a device, or a subscription?’ (Yes or No)

Not Compulsory: Microsoft would like to know the email addresses of your contacts in case you have recently sent any emails to, your Skype details, and credit card details.

After you have provided Microsoft with all the details, it will review the information, and get back to you within 24 hours. You will then be able to reset or change your password.

if you are unable to follow the above steps or if you need some professional assistance, get in touch with Microsoft technical engineers. Outlook customer support service offering round the clock assistance via a 24-hour toll-free number, email, and live chat support. Feel free to contact anytime, from anywhere, for any problem.

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