Learn To Update Yahoo Mail App In Android And iOS

Now you can learn complete steps on how to update Yahoo Mail app in android and iOS with a few simple steps. As you know Yahoo launches new updates for its Yahoo Mail apps users for iOS and Android. Each platform acknowledges different updates; the users of mail are cherishing these outstanding features. If you are a yahoo mail app user and you are not able to update your device mail app then don’t get panic at all as you can now simply learn how to update mail app in Android and iOS.

Yahoo mail is used in Android and it updates its Mail app occasionally to resolve bugs and augment its functionality. Yahoo Mail is robotically updated on your Android or iOS mobile device only in case the automatic updates feature is enabled. In case the feature is turned off, you can update the Yahoo Mail app in android and iOS in few simple steps via using the Play Store on Android devices or the App Store on iOS devices.

Here in this write up you will get complete information about how to learn to update Yahoo Mail app in android and iOS.

Update on Android Devices

First of all you need to launch the Play Store application on your Android device. Here you will find the icon on one of the screens when you open the Applications menu.

  • Click the “Search” icon; enter “Yahoo Mail” into the search field.
  • Now tap “Yahoo Mail” in the list of suggestions.
  • Click on the “Update” button.
  • If the button is labeled “Installed” instead of “Update,” your app is up-to-date.

Update on iOS Devices

  • You need to launch the App Store on your iOS device to update the application and then click on the “Updates” tab.
  • Click on the “Update” button next to Yahoo Mail to update it.
  • In case there is no “Update” button, the app is up-to-date.
  • To update all apps on your iOS device, click the “Update All” button.

The update process is easy and thus makes previewing easy and fast. With this you can view large files on your phone without any complexity. For help on how to update Yahoo Mail app in android and iOS you can take reliable help from yahoo technical support team and get assured solutions instantly.

How To Turn Off Yahoo Account Key From Computer

Yahoo Account Key is one of the important features that help you to secure your account. With the help of Yahoo account key you can add an extra level of security to your account and thus can make your life easier, but sometimes due to various issues you cannot keep the process running and you need to turn off yahoo account key from computer smoothly. It can be due to any reason whether you lost your mobile phone or your apps aren’t working properly, simply what you need is to follow these instructions to help fix these problems.

If you are not able to turn off yahoo account key from computer then you cannot access your account without account key. So follow the steps carefully. Here you will get complete list of details about how you can turn off this method. But before this you should know this adds an extra security to your account and thus prevents from hacks. If you turn off this setting then you will not get any notifications if someone uses your account.

How to turn off Account Key from a computer.

  • First of all open your computer, then your web browser.
  • After this go to your Yahoo Account info page.
  • Tap on Account security.
  • Now tap on Manage option next to Yahoo Account Key.
  • Tap on Disable Account Key.
  • Tap on Yes, disable Account Key to verify.
  • Tap to Got it.
  • Finally it’s done and when Next time you try to sign in to your Yahoo account, you will be able to sign in with your old password and you will not receive any sign-in notification account key on your phone.

Step for turning off Account Key from an app.

  • First of all you need to open an Account Key supported Yahoo app on your mobile phone.
  • After this click on the Menu icon Image of the Sidebar menu icon at the top side
  • Click on the Account Key.
  • Click on Manage Account Key.
  • After this click on Yes option and disable Account Key to verify.
  • For turning off tap on disable Account Key.

For getting any help you can simply dial a toll free yahoo customer support number and get aligned with the top-notch tech services. The certified technicians available over the call understands your problems in an efficient manner.

How To Reset Password With A Phone Number Or Email Address

Are you losing access to your Yahoo emails account? If yes then you don’t need to get worried at all as you can now get back your all important documents and photos in few simple steps. In addition to this if you have a recovery phone number or email address linked then your account password reset process is easier. But if you don’t have one linked with your account it may create some point of difficulty. Along with this to ensure you can get back into your account quickly via using these password recovery options. Having one email address and makes it easier for you to regain access to your account if you want to reset password of your account.

In case you have lost access to your account, then you can also try to regain access through our account recovery form but using phone number or email address is quite easy process which saves your time.

Follow the steps on how to Reset password with a phone number or email address:

Add or change a recovery phone number

  • First of all you need to sign in to My Account page.
  • Then in the “Personal info and privacy” section, choose your personal information.
  • Select Phone.
  • After this you can add a recovery phone: Under “Recovery phone,” choose Add recovery phone.
  • In case you already have a phone number then you can also change your recovery phone or even you can also add multiple numbers to secure your login. Next to your phone number, choose on edit option to update the phone number.
  • Enter your latest phone number which you want to add and follow the onscreen instructions.

Add or change a recovery Email

  • Simply go to My Account and sign in.
  • After this in the “Personal info & privacy” section, go for your personal information.
  • Select Email.
  • Now add a recovery email that you want to add in the “Recovery email,” via choosing Add recovery email option.
  • If you want to change your recovery email then tap on selects your email address.
  • Type your recovery email address.
  • Tap to Done.

These options however help you in getting a verification code so you can get into your account again if you forget your Yahoo account password. It is one safe way to secure the account as you will get a secret code on your mobile or email address to access your account. With the help of these steps you will resolve the issue hopefully but for any type of tech assistance you can dial at toll-free Yahoo customer support number and get solutions right away.

How To Fix Yahoo Mail Sending Problem?

Are you a yahoo mail user and you are confronting continuous problem in sending mails from yahoo account? If so then don’t get worried as now you can fix this issue with the help of few simple steps. Sometimes while working on yahoo when you need to send an important mail to your client suddenly you are not able to send mail from your account. In order to fix this issue you need to follow a few steps which help you to resolve your account issue.

Here in this piece of write up you can get information about how to fix yahoo mail sending problem. Most of the times before opting for troubleshooting steps you need to check the following things to resolve the issue.

  • Simply update your browser if you are using an outdated version then update to the latest version of a supported browser.
  • Clear browser cookies, history and check your computer settings may interfere with Yahoo Mail.

After successful checking of these steps if issue still persists then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Problems Sending Email

In case you’re having trouble in sending email via using your yahoo mail account then these are problems you might come across.

  • Due to some “Suspicious Activity” or “Account temporarily blocked. Your account gets blocked to send any emails in case yahoo observes some suspicious activity from your account. It blocks you from sending emails.
  • In case you have crossed the daily limit of sending mails. As you know you can send a limited amount of emails from your Yahoo account. There are some Mail email sending limits in yahoo after ten you are not able to send emails.
  • In case you have a poor internet connection then also you are not able to send emails to your any other email address. Network connection failure is one of the main issues which hamper the accessing of Yahoo Mail on mobile devices.

Problem In Receiving Email

In case you are facing problem in receiving emails also then you need to check your yahoo account settings.

  • First of all you need to check your spam folder to see if there is any email incorrectly marked.
  • You may have blocked some address by mistake.
  • Check your filters to see in case the email could’ve arrived.

For getting more help regarding how to fix yahoo mail sending problem you need to dial a toll-free yahoo customer support phone number. With the help of this number you will get complete information from the tech experts to over come the issue instantly.

How To Create Group And Add Members In Skype?

Creating and using groups in Skype is common, you can create a group through which you can get connected to your friends, colleges, business person and many more. This feature is very useful as with this you can save your time and share your ideas with number of people in short span of time.

By creating a group chat you can send instant messages to your contacts at the same time. You can add a number of contacts to your group and send messages and video calls. You can simply create a group, or can add contacts to an existing conversation or group of yours on Skype. At present, this feature is promising and used by users widely for their business purposes.

Any of the user or participant can send messages in the group and which will be received by all the participants of the group instantly. It allows a number of persons to send messages at a same time. You can even share files and other docs to chat and share contacts and files with each other at the same time. It’s a perfect tool for business purposes as it help you to keep track of your friends, family and business partners easily.

Steps to create a group in Skype:

First of all to create a group you need to apply these below given steps:

  • Tap on the +New icon beneath your Skype profile picture.
  • Now enter a name of a contact you want to add in the group.
  • After this you can find a contact from there and can add to your list with a simple click.
  • You can repeat this process for all the contacts which you want to add in your list of group.
  • In case you want to hold on your existing group conversation and want to add contacts to that you can also do that to minimize your work.
  • By applying the above steps your Skype group has been created send messages instantly.

Add contacts in existing group

  • In order to add contacts to a conversation from the contacts you want to add select one.
  • You can choose the contacts from the list of your contacts.
  • You can even add the contact to the conversation you like.
  • Tap on the button to add people to an existing group chat.
  • Choose the Skype contacts you would like to add in your group conversation.

If you face any sort of difficulty in applying these steps then you can dial a toll-free customer support number for Skype and get relevant help from the experts to add groups in your Skype skillfully.

How To Use Gmail Offline Features?

Now with the latest innovations Google has introduced a fresh feature to its Gmail email which will help users in abroad spectrum to do their work in offline mode. The service that is Gmail offline is easy to use and saves a lot of time. This offline allows you to use your Gmail even if you do not have a working internet connection. Gmail offline feature is simply an application for Google Chrome users it’s not a built-in feature on Gmail.

In addition to all this the app stores your Gmail emails offline on Google Chrome and thus helps you to access to your emails from Google Chrome. You can use this feature comes in conveniently when you do not have access to the internet connection. Using this app is much easier and simpler. All you have to do is to install your Offline application on your Google Chrome and use it at the time of need. After downloading and installation you need to sign into your Gmail account and permit this app to download your Gmail emails for further offline use.

To use this features apply the below step listed below:

Install Gmail app Offline

As you know when your install your app on your device your messages and mails will automatically sync with your browser’s storage space on the PC you’re using.

In case you’re using some public computer in a cyber points then don’t install this Gmail Offline app because others can see your messages.

  • To install this app you can visit the Gmail Offline page in the Chrome Web Store.
  • Now add app to the chrome.
  • After this, visit chrome://apps/
  • Tap on the permit offline mail Continue.
  • After the successful installation of app your messages will start syncing. If you want to close Google Chrome your email message will also stop Syncing.

Use Gmail Offline

  • With this app you can write, archive, label, or delete any message while you’re offline and as soon as you get connected with the internet the messages will be sent or moved.
  • You can visit the chrome: //apps/
  • Tap on Gmail Offline.
  • By this app users can only add attachments of up to 5 megabytes in a single attachment.
  • This process can sync emails from the last 7 days by default settings.
  • Keep in mind that the email messages which are in Trash or Spam never get synced.

In case you face any sort of difficulty then you need to get connected with a reliable source through a toll free Gmail customer technical support helpline phone number and get experts help in competent manner.

Top 3 Ways To Improve QuickBooks Performance

QuickBooks is accounting management software that has been widely used by many small and mid-sized business owners. It makes the process of day to day accounting management easier and robotic for the users. As a result, business owners have to indulge lesser time in their finance job. Moreover, with this excellent software, accuracy prevails at the optimum level. Though it is a flawless application, you may sometimes encounter a few problems. Technical problems may happen due to different reasons and different users encounter different types of problems. So, the basic approach of resolving technical error is diagnosing the error properly. Once the error has been identified, solution measures can be carried out accordingly.

QuickBooks Slow Performance

Generally, QuickBooks is a robust and well performing application. Some users experience slow performance of this software due to various possible reasons. In the following section, we shall find the possible slow performance issues with this software at a glance:

  • A lot of people observe that QuickBooks is taking longer time than usual in opening a file.
  • Software is opening slowly – talking more time for loading than usual.
  • It is working fine in normal cases, but when network sharing has been turned on, it gets slowed down.
  • It starts fine, but gradually slows down as work in progress for the day.
  • It gets closed down abruptly frequently or rarely.
  • It takes a lot of time to save data file.

Solution to the Slow Performance Issues

When you face these slow performance issues or abrupt performance issues with QuickBooks, consider it to be the ideal time for carrying out the following solutions:

  1. Quick Hardware Compatibility Check

When an application works slower than usual in a system, it is primarily considered that the system may lack hardware compatibility to run the software. You have to enhance RAM or hard disk drive space to gain better performance. Just check minimum system requirements for running QuickBooks. Make sure that your computer matches those parameters perfectly.

  1. Check Network Connection

Network connection is an important thing, especially when it comes to slow performance of QuickBooks. When you are shared it with different users, make sure that shared users match hardware compatibility to run QuickBooks seamlessly.

  1. Virus Issues

Due to presence of malware or Virus or spyware in your system, slow performance of this software can be noted. Data file may become slow to be opened, if they get infected with virus. Keep your computer protected with updated anti-virus software. For more information and guidance on resolving QuickBooks errors, contact QuickBooks customer support helpline number.

Facebook Live Video Know How To Make Live Facebook Video

Facebook is one of the foremost social media platforms, offering an effective space to get connected with people. You can share your thoughts, images and videos with Facebook to get connected with fans, friends and followers. With rising esteem of social media, today life without Facebook is unimaginable for many people. A lot of people spend a good amount of time in social media platforms, chitchatting with friends and others. Not just for personal communication, Facebook has turned into a perfect business platform too. You can manage your business reputation and online marketing or promotional activities through this excellent social media website.

To use Facebook in better way and to explore various possibilities of social media, you need to learn the various feature of Facebook. It allows a lot of interactive features. Being a micro blogging platform, it allows you to create your own contents and share them with social media. You can add your photographs or can add videos to get connected or to enjoy the fun with social media friends.

To upload a video, you have to follow simple steps. There are two ways of attaching video to Facebook. In the following section we shall discuss the tricks of sharing videos in Facebook.

Sharing Hosted Videos

You can share a video that has been hosted in other platforms. For example, you can share a video from popular video hosting website YouTube. This process is simple and it takes a minute to share video. This is considered as the most convenient and simple option for sharing video on YouTube. Just copy the video link, and paste it on the box, where Facebook asks ‘what’s in your mind?’ After pasting the video link, you shall find that thumbnail of the video gets created automatically. Now, lick on the ‘Share’ button to share the video with others. You can add different privacy settings to your shared content. For example, you can hide it or you can keep it public or even private among your friend list.

Sharing Live Video

The process of sharing live video is a simple and  easy process  with Facebook, and it can also be done by following some simple steps.

First, you need to go to your Facebook wall at mobile

Please note – Facebook live streaming right now is only available on mobile Facebook app. For desktop you need to install some third party application but its different topic

Second, Now click the box where you use to type content and you will get the option to add video/photo, feeling, tag friend etc option and there is not another option of live streaming/video (See the below pic – may be different in iphone/android device)

facebook live video streaming option

. Click on that option and boom you are done! Your live video streaming is going on. This will complete the process, and your video is recording live.

If still you are getting problem in facebook account then you can contact the facebook customer support service to fix your account.

Getting Google Play Error 927 How To Fix

If you are getting error 927 in google play, you must be facing it in your handheld device which is based on android platform. This problem will occur when you try to download and install an app from Google play store. To resolve this problem you have to take a few simple steps:

1 First go to application manager which is available under the settings.

2 From the menu list you have to select settings and there you will find application manager.

3 From the list of applications that appear you will have to find the Google Play Store application.

4 Tap the application and scroll down and you will find force stop, clear cache, clear data.

5 First you will have to tap on force stop and then clear data and after that clear cache.

6 Now you can try to download and install the app for which you are facing problems earlier.

There is our solution to resolve this problem and you can try it in the above doesn’t work for you. Under the application manager which you can find under the settings in your hand device, tap the Google play store application and then under the app info you will find uninstall updates, select it.

Now you have to get back to all the apps and click on download manager and select clear cache and data. Now you have to relaunch Google play store again and try to download and install and the application you were trying to install before.

Another solution can be to remove your Gmail account from your handheld device. For this you will have to follow the path-accounts> Google> Gmail account.

Now under the settings go to application manager and then select Google play store. Here you will have to select force stop and then choose the clear cache and clear data options.

You will have to follow the same steps for Google Service Framework and Download Manager. After you have done this you will have to again install Gmail account in your device. Now you will have to restart your android devise and accept all of Google terms and settings. Launch Google play store and install or update the app you wanted to before.

Still if your problem remains unsolved get in touch with Gmail Customer Care and get meaningful solutions to overcome your problem. The technical team of Gmail and listen to your issues and provide you with the best possible solutions necessary to overcome the problems you face in overcoming error 927.

How to Setup QuickBooks and Issues to Avoid

Setting up QuickBooks is not at all difficult and is a simple process as it has a built in setup which guides the customers step-by-step. The customers are however required to keep in mind a few things in order to set up this accounting software.

You have to first signing to set up the new QuickBooks which can be done by visiting the website and clicking on the link to select the package for monthly subscription. You can select according to your business needs and budget. You have to provide to your name, user ID and password and e-mail address to start the process.

In this manner you can sign up for 30 day free trial which will commence as soon as you complete the registration process. In order to run QuickBooks, you must ensure that you have a latest compatible version of Internet browser. Once registration is over you will be transported to QuickBooks dashboard. In the QuickBooks dashboard you will find to do list which has several tutorials that will help you to tools setup the various features that will be useful for your account. It is best to set up your company preferences before you start begin with any other thing. In order to do this you have to select the ‘Company’ tab which is present in the menu bar at the top of the display under ‘Preferences.’

You will be able to add more options later on if you are not sure about some of them at the moment. Now you will be ready to import your data into the new account that you created. You can transfer your bank account transactions, data from QuickBooks Desktop, data from excel sheet related to your customers, reports and charts of accounts created in Excel format and even email applications. You will then be required to sink your bank accounts with the QuickBooks which can be done by clicking on the ‘Banking’ tab which is available in the menu bar.

You can review the data for any errors and click on the option download Transactions. All you need to do is follow the step by step instructions you’ll be able to set up QuickBooks easily and without committing any mistakes. In case you face any issues, you should get in touch with QuickBooks Customer Care team where knowledgeable technical associates are present to guide you and help you to complete the process.