How To Manage Multiple Email Accounts in Yahoo Mail

Manage Multiple Email Accounts With Yahoo Email

Instead of signing out and signing back into your different email accounts frequently to check and reply to emails, you can easily access and manage all your email accounts in a single place by adding them to your Yahoo Mail account.

Yes, Yahoo Mail has an amazing feature in its platform that lets the users easily add their other email accounts (including non-Yahoo Mail accounts) to their Yahoo Mail account. This feature offers significant convenience to those users who need to manage multiple emails because of their professional commitments. To know how you can add and manage your multiple email accounts with your Yahoo Mail account, follow the instructions provided below.

Steps to Add and Manage Multiple Email Account with Yahoo Mail

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo Mail Account and mouse over the “Gear” icon located on the top-right corner of your Yahoo Mail account’s page. A drop-down menu will appear on the screen.
  2. From the drop-down menu, you will need to click on the “Settings” option. This action will open the “Settings” box on your Yahoo Mail account’s page.
  3. In the “Settings” box, select the “Accounts” option from the left side panel.
  4. Under the “Accounts” section, click on the option – “Add another mailbox”. You will get a list of multiple email options.
  5. If you see your email service provider on the list, click on it. If you don’t find your email service provider on the list, click on the “Other” option.
  6. Once you have selected the relevant email service provider, a new pop-up window will appear on the screen.
  7. In the pop-up window, enter your email address in the “Email address” field and click on the “Add another mailbox” button. A new window will pop-up on your screen.
  8. You will be prompted to log into the account of the email address entered by you if you wouldn’t have already.
  9. Enter your password and sign in to your email account. Next, you will be prompted with a window to allow permission to Yahoo to
    • Read, send, delete, and manage your email
    • Manage your contacts
    • Manage your calendars
  10. Click on the “Allow” button to grant permission to Yahoo. Wait until you are redirected to your Yahoo Mail account.
  11. Now, you go back to Gear icon > Settings > Accounts and confirm whether your email account has been added to your Yahoo Mail account or not.
  12. Once your email account gets added successfully, click on the “Save” button located on the bottom-left corner of your “Settings” box.

So, this is how you can add your multiple email accounts with your Yahoo Mail account for both personal and professional use. Moreover, if you wish to send and check emails from the newly added accounts, you can do so quickly by performing the following steps.

To Send Email

The email account added to your Yahoo Mail account will appear in the top-left menu. Just, select the account from that section and click on the Compose button to create and send an email from that account.

To Check and Receive Emails

Locate the name of your other email account in the left-side navigation section. You will get the list of new emails in the parenthesis located next to your account name. Just click on the account and the inbox view will change to that account in your Yahoo Mail account.

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