Manage Multiple Email Accounts With Yahoo Email

Manage Multiple Email Accounts With Yahoo Email

You can manage multiple yahoo mail through single yahoo mail interface. This will help you to centralize your responses if you receive mails from different people in different e-mail addresses. Here is how you can manage multiple e-mail accounts with yahoo mail:

First you have to add different yahoo mail accounts to your primary account in the following manner-

Steps to add multiple email accounts with Yahoo Email

•    Go to the menu icon and click on settings.

•    Click on manage accounts and then select add account.

•    Now you have to enter your yahoo ID and password and then select sign in.

Now you can easily switch between different yahoo mail accounts. To do this you have to

•    Click the menu icon

•    In the space provided you have to enter the e-mail ID you want to access.

•    You will be switched to the same e-mail account.

If you want to sign out of the yahoo account you have to follow these steps:

•    Click on the menu icon and then select settings

•    Now you have to select manage accounts

•    You will be getting a drop down on which all the accounts you had added will be reflected.

•    Now you just have to select the account you want to log out from.

•    Now select sign out and click continue

These are the steps required to manage multiple mail accounts from your yahoo mail account through a single interface. This will help you to manage your correspondences in a better manner. You will not miss out on anything as you will have access to all the accounts simultaneously. Suppose you have to tell a client about a particular thing the answer to which is in a different mail in a different yahoo mail account. All you need to do is just switch to that particular yahoo account and get the information. If you want you can also directly mail from the same yahoo mail account.

This feature is quite helpful for those users who have businesses and want to use yahoo account for their business purpose. There are many more exciting features which they can use and ensure proper communication with their present and prospective clients that all time. It is much easier to revert to someone when you have related information handy at all times. If you have any confusion or do not know how to use these features you can always contact yahoo customer care and get meaningful and quality solutions for all yahoo mail problem at all times.

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