Is Yahoo Blocking My Email – How to Fix the Error

yahoo blocking emails

You recently sent an email to but the intended recipient couldn’t get it. You again tried to send a few more but in vain. This puts you into thinking what’s wrong with Yahoo – “Is Yahoo blocking my email?” You might think so.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with this. Anyone would perceive that Yahoo is blocking the email. If that is the case, what should you do to get rid of the issue? In this guide, we will tell you the most possible reasons that could have caused this.

Are You Following the Best Practices of Yahoo?

Whether you are a Yahoo user or an account holder of other service providers, if you have to use Yahoo or are interested in sending an email to a user of Yahoo, you still have to stick to its best practices. You must adhere to the guidelines and make the most of Yahoo’s facilities.

Reasons Why Yahoo Forced To Block Your Emails

  • Sending Several Emails within a Short Time:

    If you run a company/ business and you need to send newsletters to your subscribers (mostly Yahoo users), you have to think twice before sending them email newsletters. Sending bulk emails within a short time would flag the account ‘spam’, thus preventing your mail from reaching out to the intended person. Refrain from sending several emails within a short time.

  • Sending Emails from Unrecognized IP:

    If your IP doesn’t have a reputation and is unrecognized, the chances are that Yahoo will throttle all your emails. You need to make sure that you send emails from an established reputation.

  • Limit the Number of Emails:

    If you have a habit of sending too many emails (like blasting out hundreds of emails) at a time, you have got to stop this habit. Instead, send them over several hours to avoid yourself from getting banned by Yahoo.

  • When All Technical Issues Are Not Addressed Properly

    : The technical fixes that you should keep an eye on are DKIM, SPF records, DNS, abuse and postmaster mailboxes, etc. should be addressed properly.

  • If You Don’t List out Your Targets

    : Maybe, not everyone would be interested in what you are sending. Better, develop a habit of listing out the target people that you wish to send emails regularly (instead of mailing to the entire list).

  • If You Are Not Practicing Proper List Management

    : When you are running a business, you get to send too many messages to your customers. Sometimes all these emails don’t reach the recipient due to invalid addresses. So, it would be a wise idea to track your failures and bounders. Remove all the invalid email addresses from the list. Sticking to this unlawful practice often leads to receiving penalties from the email service providers.

  • When Your Messages Don’t Comply with Certain Acts

    : This includes sending emails using misleading subject lines. When you send emails, make sure they comply with the CAN-SPAM act.

Yahoo will not block a message if the above-mentioned points are well-taken care of.

If you are a Yahoo Mail user and wish to block an email address in Yahoo Mail, here’s what you need to do.

  • Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Open the particular mail and click on the ‘More icon’.
  • Select ‘Block Senders’ and click ‘OK


If still, you need to speak with a Yahoo expert so you can dial toll free Yahoo customer support service number and connect with a Yahoo email expert and fix your problem.

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