How to Use Drop box With Yahoo Mail?

How to Use Drop box With Yahoo Mail

Your Yahoo! Mail account provides you a feature to send and share files along with your mail as an attachment. Yahoo mail attachment comes as a great help to make your communication as a crystal-clear message. Yahoo mail attachment can be use to send files, documents, pictures and audio/video files too.

So, when you need to share files, your Yahoo mail have solution for it; yet it has own limitations. The file attachment in your Yahoo mail account also has some limits; you can’t attach files bigger in size. The attachment shouldn’t exceed 10 MB per email or the total size of an email with attachment should be up to 25 MB only.


What if you want to share more than 10 MB with your email?

Does that mean that you can’t send files more than 10 MB in size?

This is not the case with Yahoo users; Yahoo Mail users have wonderful solution with DropBox. DropBox is a cloud based file hosting service; which gives you freedom to share files of larger size which you can’t attach with your email account. It is operated by DropBox Inc.; an American company.

DropBox has a built-in integration with Yahoo! Mail, which enables user to send files more than 10 MB of size with their emails. You don’t need to be worried about the attachment size when you want to send an email with larger attachment. This has some unique features which you won’t find with other email services.

  • Allows you to attach files directly from DropBox
  • You can attach large files (up to 150 MB) by uploading them to DropBox first
  • Users can save email attachments directly to your DropBox

Here comes the common query;

How to use DropBox with Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo users who are not familiar with use of DropBox or who want to learn the correct way to attach files using Yahoo email account can take help form this quick guide. There is no some list of steps to follow; you can easily link your DropBox with your Yahoo Account. Here, you need to have a DropBox account for Linking.

  • Sign in to your Yahoo mail account
  • Then got for composing a new mail
  • Here from the attachment section; you will find the option of Share files from cloud providers or Share files from DropBox or Google Drive
  • Now, you need to right click on Dropbox and follow the instructions
  • That’s all

After that, you can easily share files using DropBox along your Yahoo mail account. if still getting any issue you can contact Yahoo customer care service helpline number to fix your issue.