How to Use Drop box With Yahoo Mail?

yahoo dropbox

Now, you can simply use Drop box with Yahoo mail as Yahoo mail now has Dropbox built in into its system. With the help of Dropbox, sharing variety of media files with your friends, family and colleagues is now extremely easy. You can share movies, videos, books, music or any other type of media file. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must do so and enjoy the benefits. You will be able to attach files directly from Dropbox as well as save attachments directly to Dropbox. So now you can attach very large files, up to 150 MB, using this new feature of Yahoo mail.

To make this process simpler, Yahoo users are allowed to access Dropbox without even signing into Dropbox separately. This facility is available only to Yahoo users and they can use this feature by just linking their Yahoo account with Dropbox. When you access Dropbox through Yahoo for the first time, a dialogue box appears which will ask for your permission to link your accounts with Dropbox. Once you allow, you will be robotically signed in to Dropbox whenever you get signed in to Yahoo mail. But, you will only be able to use it to attach or receive files through Yahoo mail and nowhere else.

However, if you want to un-link your Dropbox from your Yahoo mail, then you just need to click on the upper right corner where the Dropbox icon is located. Select Sign Out to stop using the feature. You can also click on your name in Yahoo account and select sign out to stop using the feature. In case you have problems in understanding the benefits that are available with Dropbox, you can take a tour of Dropbox by clicking on the Dropbox icon at the bottom of the page.

If you face any problem in using Dropbox from your Yahoo mail account or not being able to link or unlink Yahoo from Dropbox, you can easily get the solutions from Yahoo help center. If you need directions as to how to use Dropbox advantageously so as to make the most of this feature, you should get in touch with Yahoo Customer Support number where knowledgeable professionals will provide you the necessary assistance. The toll free helpline number of Yahoo is always active and can provide you with the necessary help as Yahoo technical associates are always available.