How To Improve Skype Call Quality?

improve Skype call quality

Skype is worldwide recognized as the best communication application software product. Whether you wish to you use it at a personal level or professional front, Skype is capable of handling all your day to day task easily and effortlessly. You can easily carry out your home or business tasks such as Messaging, Audio/Video Calling, Group Calling, Video Conferencing, File sharing, etc. Apart from Skype’s reliability and scalability, easy connectivity and user-friendliness are the features that give it an edge over others. Although, there is no doubt about the quality of Skype calls, sometimes, there can be quality issues with audio/video calls. Well, need not worry as such quality issues can be worked around easily by following the below-mentioned measures.

Guide to Improve Call Quality In Skype

Check Your Internet Connections

First of all, you must check your internet connection. If your computer is connected via cable, make sure that it is properly inserted. If you are using a Wi-Fi network, make sure that your computer is in the Wi-Fi range. Open any website on your browser to ensure that the internet is working properly.

Update Skype Version

It is always suggested to use the latest version of Skype available. Also, make sure that the person you are calling is also using the latest version of Skype. You can either check for the updates in your application or visit the official website of Skype.

Stop Internet Usage Program

When calling anyone via Skype, try not to use the internet for any other purposes such as watching online videos, downloading or uploading large size files, etc.

Connect Quality Speaker/Microphone

Make sure that the webcam and speaker/microphone connected to your computer are compatible and connected properly. Incompatibility or poor connection can also lead to poor call quality on Skype. Also, make sure that your speakers’ volume is set high and are not muted. Make a test call before calling someone to make sure that webcam, microphone, and Headset are working as expected.

NOTE: To get the best sound and video quality when calling through Skype, It is best to use Headsets and Webcams that are recommended for Skype. Go to the webpage – and browse through the list of compatible audio/video products compatible with Skype.

Update Sound & Video Driver

Using outdated driver software can also lead to a quality issue with Skype calls. So, make sure that the driver software for audio and video are up-to-date.

Maintain System Requirement

Make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirement necessary to make a Skype call. When making Skype calls using your laptop, it is recommended to keep your laptop connected to power. Using a laptop on battery mode may prevent Skype from running to its maximum capacity to save power consumption.

Maintain Computer Processing Potential

When making a group audio/video call, make sure your computer has sufficient processing potential and network bandwidth to carry out group calls. This is important as a group call can put too much stress on your computer (being a host) which can lead to poor call quality.

All these suggestions will help you get a good quality call, you should also know that the problem could be at the recipient’s end too. So, try suggesting these measures to the recipient for quality calls on your Skype.

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