Fixing Paper Jams or Paper Feed Problems for HP Printer

Freeing up a paper jam in hp printer

The ways you feed paper in your HP printer or the quality and paper size of the page decide that your printer will not give any issue with the paper feeder. This is really annoying when you are about to take a print from your HP printer and it gets stuck there. It is more frustrating when the paper jammed is in the pieces. Here you need to be very careful while feeding the paper in the tray. This will keep you away from any such issues. Along this, when you find any such paper jam issue, you can take help from this quick guide. It will help you to escape out from any such trouble easily.

Learn to clear the Paper Jam in HP Printer

  • Once you find that there is some paper jammed in your printer, simply turn off it and then turn it around so the back of the unit faces you for a better view
  • After that, disconnect the power cord from the back of the printer. This is needed as the disconnected power cord allow the paper feed rollers to turn freely while removing paper jammed
  • Here you need to locate the rear access door and then open it by turning the dial counter-clockwise and then carefully pull the door toward you
  • Try to figure out the pressure rollers on the rear access door and make sure that they are clean and moving freely. You should clean the rollers if needed with a soft towel lightly moistened with water but avoid lint. In case, the rollers do not move freely, you need to replace the rear access door to get it done
  • You can click on How to buy on this page to order replacement parts accordingly
  • Meanwhile, from the rear access door opening, carefully remove the jammed paper from here. When some of the jammed paper is not easily removed from the rear access opening, then you can carefully remove it from the front of the unit
  • Along with this, remove the remaining paper from the paper feed tray. Discard any paper that is damaged or crumpled and then re-stack and reload the paper into the paper supply tray
  • Once you are done, you just need to reinstall the rear access door of your Printer
  • Now, simply reconnect the power cord to the printer and turn the printer on

Here we go, you can use your HP printer now if still getting any issue you can contact HP printer customer support service helpline number to fix your issues.

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