How to Fix Poor Printing Quality with Dell Printer?

How to Fix Poor Printer Quality with Dell Printer

Dell printers are known mainly for their reliability and quality prints. However, there are times when users complain about facing some serious issues with the print quality. The problems could be occurring because of the following reasons:

  • Dirt and debris in the interior of your printer.
  • The quality of the paper being used.
  • Improper toner supply.
  • Toner level being low.
  • Using non-authentic or incompatible toner.

Checking for these above causes is the first step in fixing the quality issue in your Dell Printer. In case of any particular issue in the quality of Prints, you can follow the steps provided below.

Steps to Fix Poor Printing Quality in Dell Printer:


1.) Vertical/Horizontal/Random Faded Prints

  • Print a test paper using your Dell printer.
  • If you see white streaks on the prints, make sure the toner brand being used is authentic and Dell compatible.
  • Turn off your printer and remove the toner. Check the green/blue photoconductive roller underside the toner for damages.
  • Check the toner level. If it’s low, replace the toner with a fresh one.
  • Make sure the papers that you are using are not moist or rough.

2.) Gray Printout Background

  • Make sure that you are using lightweight print papers.
  • Sometimes the printer’s surroundings can also cause such issues. Try keeping your printer to some other place which is not very dry or highly humid.
  • Then, print a test paper to see if the problem is fixed.

3.) Curl or Wave in the Printed Document

  • Make sure the paper quality and type are compatible with your Dell printer.
  • Make sure the papers are correctly loaded in the tray.
  • Try turning the stack of paper in the tray.
  • High temperatures can make the paper curled. Turn off the printer for some time to lower its temperature before trying to print again.

4.) The backside of the Printed page is Dirty

  • Any leaks in the toner can cause this issue. Fix the leaks and clean the interior of your printer carefully.
  • Replace the toner with a fresh one.

5.) Toner Specks on the Printout

  • Make sure that the paper specifications are correct.
  • Always use a good quality of the print paper. Also, make sure it’s not moist or rough.
  • Clean the transfer roller thoroughly as any dirt in the roller can cause such an issue.
  • Check the paper path for any dirt. You can check the manual that would have come with your printer for cleaning the paper path carefully.

Users might come across some other types of print quality issues like:

  • Uneven or jagged characters
  • Clipped images or pages
  • Shadow images appearing on prints
  • Irregular or inconsistent prints
  • Repeated defects appear on printer paper.
  • Too dark or too light prints
  • Solid black pages getting printed.
  • Poor transparency print quality
  • Toner specks appearing on prints
  • Uneven print density

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