Manage Your Google Calendar to Manage Commitments

How to manage your time with Google Calendar

Google seems to be always striving to find better convenience for its users. Be it in terms of offering a better mobile experience, mailing service, browsing experience or storage service, and it has always exceeded expectations. Continuing the same trend, the brand has revolutionized the Mobile OS world with its Android operating system over the years. This global Mobile OS giant has brought the whole world in the users’ hand, offering almost everything at their disposal.

Moreover, with the integration of other Google products and services into Android, the life of the user has become more comfortable, Google calendar is a special mention. Google calendar makes it easy (especially for businesses) to stay connected with their commitments from anywhere, at any time. This program not only comprehends the essentialities of business’ requirement but also exceeds the business expectations of the users in many ways.

As a business person, Google Calendar keeps you in line with your commitments. Simply add events, time, people or location and Google Calendar will be your personal assistant, notifying you about everything and anything precisely and promptly. Some of you might be familiar with how to create a calendar event, how to share your calendar, how to synchronize your Google Calendar with your mobile devices, etc. Those who are not or those who want to know how to manage their time with Google Calendar, below we have provided a list of useful tips to make the most of your Google Calendar.

Essential Tips to Manage Your Time with Google Calendar:


1.) Schedule an Event:

Want to create an event? Well, you can do so easily just by speaking in Google’s Search app or the Chrome browser (tap microphone icon). Just say “Create an event” or “Schedule a meeting” or something specific like “Fix an appointment with Doctor for Wednesday at 2 PM”.

A draft of Google Calendar will appear in your search results. You can manually add Event’s title, day and time or you can directly speak up by tapping the microphone icon. You will get a draft pre-filled with the title, day and time. You can save it by manually tapping or speaking “Save it” or similar terms.

2.) Add a Location:

Adding location details to your event makes it easier to navigate to meetings, especially if you have invited guests. As you start typing the name of the place, auto-suggestion will start prompting locations.

Once you are done adding an address to the event, merely tap below the added location in your event section to open the location in your Map application.

3.) Invite People:

If you are using Google Apps in your organization, instead of sending emails to plan a meeting, you can send a calendar invitation. When the invitee accepts your calendar invitation, the information of the event gets added to their Google Calendar automatically. This helps saving time on manually feeding the event.

To invite people, open the Calendar > Event and tap on the “Invite people” option. Simply add the email address of the invitees. Also, if you want you can invite all members of a particular Google Group.

4.) Share Meeting Documents:

Although this feature has limited use on the mobile device, if you are using a desktop or laptop, you can easily attach required documents for a meeting. However, you will need to, first, enable a Google Labs feature on your desktop or laptop.

To enable this feature, go to Google Calendar (on a desktop browser) and click on the Gear in the top-right corner. Select Labs option and then the checkbox next to the Event attachments feature. Once enabled, just attach the files to the calendar events and invitees will receive a link to Google Drive files.

5.) Meet Online:

Another amazing option (for desktops and laptops) that Google Calendar offers is to add a video call to an event. When your meeting commences, click on the link to join Google+ Hangout with other invitees. Make sure that you have enabled Hangout in your Google+ account.

6.) New Shared Calendar for New Group:

When you have a new group, you can create a new shared calendar for the group. Creating a shared calendar allows members to fix meetings, meet deadlines, and coordinate tasks using any connected device.

For creating a new shared calendar, go to Google Calendar on your desktop/laptop. Click on the triangle-shaped icon located on the right-hand side of My Calendar option. Select Create new calendar option, name it, and select your sharing options.

Moreover, if you create a Google group for the committee, you will get a single group email. Use this group email address to share documents, email updates, and invite the group to events using the said email address.

So, this is how you can manage your time with Google Calendar and keep your commitments organize and synchronized on the go. However, if you need assistance regarding above or any other Google-related feature or functionalities, feel free to reach Google mail customer support team.