Experience the New Yahoo Mail, and an Ad-Free Experience

Experience the New Yahoo Mail, And An Ad-Free Experience

The New Yahoo mail is way beyond the basic Yahoo mail; it was just an email service that became a lifestyle today. The New Yahoo mail broke the news with so many amazing features. The basic emailing is a Stone Age thing; mails are more than the communication tool. New Yahoo mail is designed to create emailing an easier affair. You don’t need to look for some other third-party tool; Yahoo has many of these are inbuilt. You can have the mesmerizing experience with the New Yahoo Mail.

 Switch to All-New Mail – Your simple click on this button will move you the all-new experience of conventional emailing. There are a lot many features that you won’t find in Yahoo Basic version.

  • Chat and Text Messaging – When you need to send or receive any text message or to go for a chat; you always looked for your mobile phone. But the latest New Yahoo Mail has changed the way you used it. Now you have all the freedom of instant messaging and texting, right from your Yahoo mail account. This will not only saves your time; but make it easier for a Yahoo user to switching between computer and phone
  • Mobile Access – The mobile access to your Yahoo mail account is the exclusive feature of New Yahoo Mail. This helps you to get easy access to your Yahoo mail account with just a single tap on your Smartphone. You have all the access to use your Yahoo account from your Yahoo mail app or Mail app on your Android and iOS device
  • RSS Feeds – The benefit of using RSS feeds is that it let you subscribe to the content from websites as news, weather, sports or stock reports using RSS feeds. So, the content comes automatically as a series of article summaries to you. You don’t need to search for your sort of interest
  • Refreshing Design – The feedback about Yahoo Basic design from users and experts was boring. They want something to be interesting and charming; Yahoo made it possible with New Yahoo Mail. You will find an exclusive design, icon, images, and whatnot.

Users who are annoyed with the conventional free Yahoo email and ads on it; they have a privilege to get ad-free email service from Yahoo. The Yahoo paid email services are available which can be used for an ad-free experience. You just need to pay a small subscription fee and get it.

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  • Kindly assist. I have not been able to login into my mail due to account key verification which is not sent to my phone.

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