How To Create New Hotmail Account

How To Create New Hotmail Account

Do you feel irritated by the numerous spam emails attacking your account every day? Do you want a safe, secure and spam-free mailbox? Then Hotmail is the most convenient choice for you. The proven anti-spam filter is amazingly capable to keep away the phishing emails from your inbox. Along with that, you can also access Skype and Xbox Live with your Hotmail account. So don’t waste your time and follow these easy steps to sign up for a new Hotmail account!

Steps To Sign Up For Hotmail Account

Launch the Hotmail website from your browser. You can see the options for Sign In with Windows Live and Hotmail address. If you already have a Live account, then you can sign-in to the Hotmail with the same credentials. But if you don’t have a Live account, then you have to create a new Hotmail account by clicking on the “create account” link.

Step – 1 (click Create Account)

hotmail create account

This will launch the form to create an account. You need to fill up all the fields with your personal as well as security information. For the personal information section, you need to enter information like your name, birthday, gender, etc. And for security purposes, you need to add a recovery email and phone number.

Step – 2 (Form Filling)

create hotmail account form

Now you have to choose the username and password. You need to choose a unique name as your username and choose (from the drop-down menu) after that. Try to make your password as strong as possible. You can assemble the lower case, upper case, a numeric and special character in your password. Though the minimum length of it is 8 characters, it is always recommended to extend its 16 characters for better security.

Then you need to fill the contact information to recover your account in the future. If you ever forget your password, you can retrieve your email account by the secondary email and phone number. Please make sure that the contacts are valid, active and updated.

Hotmail will check via Captcha to keep the spammers at bay. You need to type the letters to prove that you are not a robot.

Now you have to agree to all the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Microsoft.

And click Create account blue bar and it’s done

Now your sign up for the new Hotmail account process is completed. You can sign in with the credentials in your new Hotmail account. If you are facing any issue while creating a new Hotmail account so you contact Hotmail customer service helpline number to speak with Hotmail expert.

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