How To Check Yahoo Mail Storage Limit?

Yahoo Mail Storage

Do you know you can store up to 200 high definition movies in your Yahoo email account? Yes! Yahoo is providing 1 TB of storage space with its email account. Though filling 1 TB of storage is hard but not impossible. Nowadays, the image quality of any high definition photography has improved a lot along with its size. If you have large and rich attachments of HD pictures in your email, you may have the chance to use the substantial amount of space in Yahoo. You need to check the storage limit of Yahoo to prevent the risk of running out of space.

How to check the Yahoo! Mail quota?

You can check the quota for storing emails online very easily. To check it in Yahoo email you need to:

  1. Use the full version of Yahoo email as the quota checking facility is not available in Yahoo Mail Basic. You can switch to the full version by following the Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail link in your Yahoo Mail Basic account.
  2. Now click on the Settings menu in Yahoo Mail full version
  3. Now select Settings from the menu.
  4. In the bottom part of the left column of the window, you can see the total storage quota and the percentage of used space for messages currently.
  5. Now click Cancel to leave the page.

How to reduce the account size in case of nearing the upper limit of Yahoo storage quota for emails?

If you find that your Yahoo storage limit is near to the quota and you have the risk of running out of space then you should follow the next steps to reduce the account size.

  1. Delete all the emails of your Trash and Spam folders. Just go to the folders and click on the Trash icon.
  2. You need to archive old and large emails to the local storage of your computer another Yahoo account.
  3. You need to identify the emails with large and rich attachments. In order to identify those, go to the search option in your Yahoo account and type “attachment” in the search box. You need to select All Mail for Search in for the better result.
  4. You can set up your Yahoo account using the IMAP portal and sort the messages according to the size.

How to archive emails from your Yahoo account to local computer storage or any other email account?

You need to set up a Yahoo account for archiving the emails using IMAP in the email program that supports multiple IMAP. You need to set up the email account in which you want to archive the emails in the same email program using the IMAP. To archive locally on the computer, you have to create local folders in the email program for storing the archived emails. Now you can move the selected emails from your main account to the destination account or to the local folders.

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