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How to Enable two-Step Verification Feature in Yahoo?

Considering the vulnerability of emails accounts, it is best to make the most of what your email service provider as preventive measures. Like Yahoo Mail is known for offering two-step verification which works as an extra layer of security for the Yahoo Mail account users against different cyber crimes such hacking, phishing etc. Two-step verification is a feature in which whenever you will try to log in to your account from a new device, Yahoo will send a security code to your phone which you will require in order to access your account. This will prevent others from easily accessing or hacking your account.

If you are a Yahoo account user and looking to enable two-step verification in your Yahoo Mail account, the following are the steps that you need to follow.

Steps to Enable Two-Steps Verification Feature in Yahoo

  • Firstly, sign in to your Yahoo account. Locate and click on your Profile name located on the top right corner of your Yahoo account page.
  • yahoo account
    • Click on the Account info option under your Profile name, you will be directed to the Account info page.
    • yahoo personal info
      • Select the Account security tab located on the left side. You might be prompted to enter your account password in order to access Account security
  • yahoo account security
  • Once you get access to Account security page, locate and turn on the two-step verification feature by clicking on the slide button located next to two-step verification

yahoo two step verification

  • You will be prompted to enter your mobile number in order to activate the two-step verification option.

yahoo mobile number requirement

  • Once entered your desired number, click on the Send SMS You will receive a verification code on your mobile number.

enter number in yahoo mail

  • Enter the verification number on the screen and click on the Verify You can also verify the mobile number via calling option. For that, you will need to click on the Call me button located next to Send SMS button.

enable yahoo 2 step verification

  • Once verified, you will see a Success message on the window. Moreover, you will also be prompted with Create app passwords option as some apps like Outlook, iOS mail doesn’t support two-step verification. In case you use any of these apps, click on Create app passwords or else click on Skip for now Now, you are account is secured with two-step verification feature.

yahoo success verify 2 step

For any further information or to get a solution for any query related to your Yahoo Mail account, remember to get in touch with us. As a third party Yahoo Mail customer service provider, we assure to serve you with reliable and quality solution for all your Yahoo related issues.

To contact us, feel free to call Yahoo customer care service 24-hour toll-free number for technical support or send us your query via email. Also, you have a direct chat with our experts via live chat support.

How To Change Sending Mail Name In Yahoo Mail Account?

You can easily update your name or nickname when you want to change your identity in Yahoo mail account. Your name or nickname is generally located on the upper right corner of your Yahoo Mail page. It is usually visible to other Yahoo users like when you make some comments on Yahoo news. If you want to change your name in your Yahoo Mail, you can easily do so by following these steps:

Steps to Change Name in Yahoo Mail Account

There are two ways to change your name. You can either change it via a desktop web browser or you can change it through the mobile web browser. Steps for both are mentioned below.

Through Desktop Web Browser

  • Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and click on your profile name located on the top right corner of your Yahoo Mail account page.
  • yahoo user name
  • Select the option Account Info option under your profile name. A new tab will open.
  • Under Account Info, you will get Personal info Click on your name under Personal info tab and you will be able to change your name or nickname.
  • yahoo change name
  • Click on the Save button once you have changed your name. Your new name will start appearing on the screen.

5.) Apart from a web browser, you can easily change your name via a mobile browser.

Through Mobile Web Browser

1.) Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and locate and tap on the Menu icon (three horizontal lines).

2.) Select the Account Info option under the menu.

3.) Tap and edit your name or nickname.

4.) Once you are done tap on the Save button to confirm your name.

5.) Now, your new name will appear on your Yahoo Mail account.

For more information regarding Yahoo Mail or to get any issues fixed on Yahoo Mail account, our customer support team is always geared to bring the best possible solution for your query. We are a prudent third party Yahoo Mail customer service provider with a team of professionals who have a proven track record of rendering quality and reliable solution for all our customers.


How to Fix Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 14?

Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 14

Encountering a Yahoo mail error is no surprise at all. One may come across a wide range of tech glitches in his or her Yahoo mail account. One of the infamous errors is ‘Temporary Error 14’. Don’t worry if you stumble upon something like this because it is one of the most common and most frequently occurred errors in Yahoo! Mail. Do not panic and let your computer all by itself for some time. The interesting thing about the error is that the error is intelligent enough to diagnose the issue and fix it on its own without compelling the person to seek for any professional help. So, your email account is safe; your computer is absolutely fine and secure.

Steps to Tackle Temporary Error 14:

 There are times this ‘temporary error 14’ tech glitch might ask you to wait for 24 hours or even more (maybe due to server down or the reason could be anything), and you are in no mood to wait for so long. What you can do is equip yourself with the best possible methods and techniques to deal with it. Underneath are mentioned a few simple steps that will come in handy in getting the problem removed completely.

  • Sign out from all Devices: Have you logged your Yahoo account out of your friend’s smart phone (remember, you sent some pictures to another friend and you used your friend’s mobile)? If you’ve not done it yet, do it right now. Also, check if the mail account is still running on other devices, including PC and tab.
  • Clear Cache: Really, really important. No matter which web browser that you are using, you have got to clear the cache.
  • Restart Web Browser: Done with clearing cache? It’s time to boost your browser by restarting it. The process will not take much time.
  • Sign-in Back: That’s great. You are following the guidelines pretty well. One more step. You need to sign-in back into the account.

For any reason if you still find the error, ensure that the web browser and operating system are up-to-date. Yahoo mail features sometimes do not support an outdated browser. Make certain that you are using the latest version – be it Safari or Chrome or Firefox.

Call on Our Yahoo Support Number for Help:

There’s no point wasting time if you find the problem still alive. Obtain our toll free customer care number for Yahoo mail for sure solution.

How to Recover Lost/deleted Emails in Yahoo Conveniently

Recover Lost & Deleted Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is a reliable email services provider but there are some problems that its users have to experience. One of such problems is missing or lost emails. A user can have a huge number of emails laying in his inbox received from various people and companies, received at different dates. We all delete emails that are not important or not required in future. But we keep the emails that are important and we need these in future for some reason. If any of the important emails gets missing or deleted, it can create a huge problem. So if you have a deleted or lost email, you must know how to recover missing Yahoo email.

Recovering Deleted or Lost Yahoo Mails:

Yahoo is offering a search option that can be handy in various situations but it is more useful if you have missing emails. Below are the steps that you will require to perform in order to recover lost Yahoo emails.

  1. Sign-in to your account and go to your inbox
  2. Go to the search box that is available at the top of the page and type “Photos” in the search bar
  3. It will get you to the page where you can find various emails
  4. If you are still unable to get the email you are looking for, click on the “Refine” option on top of the search results
  5. Here you can provide certain criteria related to the email including sender, subject, date, the words it contains and if it has any attachment.
  6. If you have found the email, select it and click on restore option to restore missing yahoo emails

If you are unable to get the email, you can send a restore Yahoo account request. Yahoo will restore the account to a certain date. Yahoo does not provide a 100% guarantee for the recovery of emails,so if you are still looking for the emails, you can contact us for quick recovery of your missing emails.

Prompt Third Party Services for Lost or Missing Yahoo Emails:

We are offering up to the mark customer support services to Yahoo users who are having a problem with the recovery of their lost emails. Our experts are providing instant and guaranteed complete Yahoo account recovery. So if you are unable to get the missing emails back, you can contact us any time of the day through phone, email or chat whichever is more suitable for you. Your calls will be answered promptly and you will get a quick recovery of your lost or deleted emails.

Features of Our Third Party Customer Service:

You can contact us without any second thoughts if you are looking for:

  • A prompt response
  • Instant recovery of missing or deleted Yahoo emails
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Complete recovery of Yahoo account
  • 24/7 availability of experts to recover missing emails successfully
  • A customer care that can be accessed from anywhere
  • Recovery through remote access to ensure the successful recovery without any complication

Customer satisfaction and privacy protection are among our top priorities, so rest assured that you will get the best solution from our certified and experienced engineers when you are coming to us.

Learn To Update Yahoo Mail App In Android And iOS

Now you can learn complete steps on how to update Yahoo Mail app in android and iOS with a few simple steps. As you know Yahoo launches new updates for its Yahoo Mail apps users for iOS and Android. Each platform acknowledges different updates; the users of mail are cherishing these outstanding features. If you are a yahoo mail app user and you are not able to update your device mail app then don’t get panic at all as you can now simply learn how to update mail app in Android and iOS.

Yahoo mail is used in Android and it updates its Mail app occasionally to resolve bugs and augment its functionality. Yahoo Mail is robotically updated on your Android or iOS mobile device only in case the automatic updates feature is enabled. In case the feature is turned off, you can update the Yahoo Mail app in android and iOS in few simple steps via using the Play Store on Android devices or the App Store on iOS devices.

Here in this write up you will get complete information about how to learn to update Yahoo Mail app in android and iOS.

Update on Android Devices

First of all you need to launch the Play Store application on your Android device. Here you will find the icon on one of the screens when you open the Applications menu.

  • Click the “Search” icon; enter “Yahoo Mail” into the search field.
  • Now tap “Yahoo Mail” in the list of suggestions.
  • Click on the “Update” button.
  • If the button is labeled “Installed” instead of “Update,” your app is up-to-date.

Update on iOS Devices

  • You need to launch the App Store on your iOS device to update the application and then click on the “Updates” tab.
  • Click on the “Update” button next to Yahoo Mail to update it.
  • In case there is no “Update” button, the app is up-to-date.
  • To update all apps on your iOS device, click the “Update All” button.

The update process is easy and thus makes previewing easy and fast. With this you can view large files on your phone without any complexity. For help on how to update Yahoo Mail app in android and iOS you can take reliable help from yahoo technical support team and get assured solutions instantly.

How To Turn Off Yahoo Account Key From Computer

Yahoo Account Key is one of the important features that help you to secure your account. With the help of Yahoo account key you can add an extra level of security to your account and thus can make your life easier, but sometimes due to various issues you cannot keep the process running and you need to turn off yahoo account key from computer smoothly. It can be due to any reason whether you lost your mobile phone or your apps aren’t working properly, simply what you need is to follow these instructions to help fix these problems.

If you are not able to turn off yahoo account key from computer then you cannot access your account without account key. So follow the steps carefully. Here you will get complete list of details about how you can turn off this method. But before this you should know this adds an extra security to your account and thus prevents from hacks. If you turn off this setting then you will not get any notifications if someone uses your account.

How to turn off Account Key from a computer.

  • First of all open your computer, then your web browser.
  • After this go to your Yahoo Account info page.
  • Tap on Account security.
  • Now tap on Manage option next to Yahoo Account Key.
  • Tap on Disable Account Key.
  • Tap on Yes, disable Account Key to verify.
  • Tap to Got it.
  • Finally it’s done and when Next time you try to sign in to your Yahoo account, you will be able to sign in with your old password and you will not receive any sign-in notification account key on your phone.

Step for turning off Account Key from an app.

  • First of all you need to open an Account Key supported Yahoo app on your mobile phone.
  • After this click on the Menu icon Image of the Sidebar menu icon at the top side
  • Click on the Account Key.
  • Click on Manage Account Key.
  • After this click on Yes option and disable Account Key to verify.
  • For turning off tap on disable Account Key.

For getting any help you can simply dial a toll free yahoo customer support number and get aligned with the top-notch tech services. The certified technicians available over the call understands your problems in an efficient manner.

How To Reset Password With A Phone Number Or Email Address

Are you losing access to your Yahoo emails account? If yes then you don’t need to get worried at all as you can now get back your all important documents and photos in few simple steps. In addition to this if you have a recovery phone number or email address linked then your account password reset process is easier. But if you don’t have one linked with your account it may create some point of difficulty. Along with this to ensure you can get back into your account quickly via using these password recovery options. Having one email address and makes it easier for you to regain access to your account if you want to reset password of your account.

In case you have lost access to your account, then you can also try to regain access through our account recovery form but using phone number or email address is quite easy process which saves your time.

Follow the steps on how to Reset password with a phone number or email address:

Add or change a recovery phone number

  • First of all you need to sign in to My Account page.
  • Then in the “Personal info and privacy” section, choose your personal information.
  • Select Phone.
  • After this you can add a recovery phone: Under “Recovery phone,” choose Add recovery phone.
  • In case you already have a phone number then you can also change your recovery phone or even you can also add multiple numbers to secure your login. Next to your phone number, choose on edit option to update the phone number.
  • Enter your latest phone number which you want to add and follow the onscreen instructions.

Add or change a recovery Email

  • Simply go to My Account and sign in.
  • After this in the “Personal info & privacy” section, go for your personal information.
  • Select Email.
  • Now add a recovery email that you want to add in the “Recovery email,” via choosing Add recovery email option.
  • If you want to change your recovery email then tap on selects your email address.
  • Type your recovery email address.
  • Tap to Done.

These options however help you in getting a verification code so you can get into your account again if you forget your Yahoo account password. It is one safe way to secure the account as you will get a secret code on your mobile or email address to access your account. With the help of these steps you will resolve the issue hopefully but for any type of tech assistance you can dial at toll-free Yahoo customer support number and get solutions right away.

How To Fix Yahoo Mail Sending Problem?

Are you a yahoo mail user and you are confronting continuous problem in sending mails from yahoo account? If so then don’t get worried as now you can fix this issue with the help of few simple steps. Sometimes while working on yahoo when you need to send an important mail to your client suddenly you are not able to send mail from your account. In order to fix this issue you need to follow a few steps which help you to resolve your account issue.

Here in this piece of write up you can get information about how to fix yahoo mail sending problem. Most of the times before opting for troubleshooting steps you need to check the following things to resolve the issue.

  • Simply update your browser if you are using an outdated version then update to the latest version of a supported browser.
  • Clear browser cookies, history and check your computer settings may interfere with Yahoo Mail.

After successful checking of these steps if issue still persists then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Problems Sending Email

In case you’re having trouble in sending email via using your yahoo mail account then these are problems you might come across.

  • Due to some “Suspicious Activity” or “Account temporarily blocked. Your account gets blocked to send any emails in case yahoo observes some suspicious activity from your account. It blocks you from sending emails.
  • In case you have crossed the daily limit of sending mails. As you know you can send a limited amount of emails from your Yahoo account. There are some Mail email sending limits in yahoo after ten you are not able to send emails.
  • In case you have a poor internet connection then also you are not able to send emails to your any other email address. Network connection failure is one of the main issues which hamper the accessing of Yahoo Mail on mobile devices.

Problem In Receiving Email

In case you are facing problem in receiving emails also then you need to check your yahoo account settings.

  • First of all you need to check your spam folder to see if there is any email incorrectly marked.
  • You may have blocked some address by mistake.
  • Check your filters to see in case the email could’ve arrived.

For getting more help regarding how to fix yahoo mail sending problem you need to dial a toll-free yahoo customer support phone number. With the help of this number you will get complete information from the tech experts to over come the issue instantly.

How To Change Country Language Setting In Yahoo Mail?

Customers can choose to change their country settings if they wish from the Yahoo account. However, location changes are mostly automated wherein the system automatically detects the location of the user based on their locale information, and update the account information accordingly. Users, however, can choose to disable the automated process and make sure that they have control on the changes that happen on their Yahoo account.

The step wise process that users need to follow in order to make customized changes to their locale settings in their Yahoo account are mentioned below for reference:-

Step 1 –First and foremost users need to log in to their Yahoo account by entering their user name and password

Step 2 – Once logged in, users need to go to the ‘Account setting’ option wherein they need to go to ‘Location and Language’ settings

Step 3 – On moving to the ‘Location’ settings, the user needs to click on ‘Detect my location’ option. This option would automatically detect the location of the user based on the locale parameters

Step 4 – In case the location automatically detected is correct, the user needs to click on ’Yes’. This would save the selected location as the new location of the user. In case the location detected is incorrect, the user needs to click on ‘No’.

Step 5 – In case the user clicks on ‘Yes’ and the location are saved, and all the subsequent steps can be skipped. However, in case the selected location is incorrect, the user needs to enter the zip code in the search box

Step 6 – The user finally needs to select the correct location from the search results which would be set as the location of the user.

Users can find detailed documentation of all the steps in the customer support portal which they can refer for any changes in their location settings in Yahoo account. Apart from that, they can also get in touch with the Yahoo Customer Support team for any assistance in this regard. The team of experts would guide the users on how to change their location settings in Yahoo mail.

The customer support team of Yahoo can be contacted any time during the day via their toll free support phone number which is active round the clock. Other than that, they are also reachable at other support platforms including email support, live chat conversation as well via their social forum which provides an excellent platform for customers to voice their concerns and get them resolved.

How To Change or Customize Yahoo Email Theme

Are you bored of the same yahoo email theme? If yes, there is no reason why you should delay in changing the theme. It is clear that yahoo provides highly lavish and innovative features that make it one of the most popular and exciting webmail service providers. Even when it comes to customizing or personalizing, Yahoo mail provides immense opportunities. If you have never explored the customizing features or the themes available, you will surely be surprised when you come across its amazing features. In fact, yahoo offers a huge array of choices when it comes to applying the themes. You can learn finding and changing the themes. And, if you face any kind of confusion, you can dial the helpline number and get the tech support from the experts.

Simple steps for changing ‘Theme’ in Yahoo Mail

If you have never changed the ‘theme’ and you know not how to do it, you can follow the below simple steps and change the theme without any difficulties:

•    Open the internet browser and launch Yahoo Mail

•    Sign in to your yahoo account by entering the username and password in the given space

•    Find the Sprocket or Gear icon on the top right of the email page

•    Click this icon and scroll down the top down menu to find ‘Themes

•    Click ‘Themes’ and explore the available themes

•    Choose the theme as per your choice and click on it

•    Click ‘done’ to apply the changes

This completes the process of changing the theme. If you do not like the changed theme, you can go through the same process and choose and apply any one of the available themes. If you still feel confused or find it difficult to change the theme, you are most welcome to contact the yahoo mail experts and get due technical help. The support executives are on their toes all the time and you can access their support whenever you face any confusion or difficulties.

Other customizing features in Yahoo Mail For Theme

Yahoo is embellished with several customizing features. Not only can you change the background theme as per your desire and requirements, but at the same time, you can also make use of several other customizing or personalizing features. For instance, you can create and add your own signature to render more personal touch to your email messages. If you wish to add folders for organizing the email messages, you can do it in no time. Moreover, you have all the freedom and facility to contact the yahoo experts if you need any technical assistance.