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How to Fix Poor Printer Quality with Dell Printer

Fix Poor Printer Quality with Dell Printer

Dell recommends using only Dell branded toners with Dell Printers. The manufacturer doesn’t guarantee print quality or compatibility with any third party toner.

Causes of Poor Quality Printouts

·         Toner level is low.

·         Internal parts of printer being dirty.

·         Toner brand.

·         Quality of paper.

If you don’t get the desired print quality and find one or the other issue, read ahead. Here are some solutions based on the printing issues, follow them accordingly.

Vertical/Horizontal/Random Faded Prints

Do you see vertical white streaks in the printed document? Do this:

  • Take a printout of the 2335dn Dell settings page.
  • If you see white streaks, check the toner brand. If it’s not Dell, use Dell branded toner. Read the instruction manual to install the toner.
  • Turnoff the printer and remove the toner. Check the green/blue photoconductive roller underside the toner for damages.
  • Check the toner level; if it’s low, replace the toner.
  • Moist or rough paper also causes this problem. So, check the paper. Try different brand of paper.

Vertical Lines

  • Print the setting page. If it has the problem, try using Dell branded printer. Already using it, move to next option.
  • Black vertical lines on the printouts suggest scratches on the drum inside the toner cartridge. Replacing the toner will help.
  • White vertical lines means the LSU part inside the printer is dirty. Clean it carefully following the manual.
Grey Printout Background
  • Switch to lighter weight pages.
  • Keep a check on printer’s environment; very dry or high humidity conditions may lead to increase in background colour.
Curl or Wave in the Printed Document
  • Check the paper quality and type.
  • Make sure the paper is loaded properly.
  • Try turning over the stack of paper in the tray.
  • Check the printer temperature; high temperature can cause paper curls.

 Backside of the Printed page is Dirty

  • This issue may be caused due to leaks in the toner. Mend the leaks and clean inside the printer carefully.
  • Try using another toner of Dell brand.

Toner Specks on the Printout

  • Please ensure that the paper specifications are correct. Paper is of good quality, is not moist or rough. Check the paper specification on official Dell website.
  • Clean the transfer roller, it may be dirty.
  • Clean the paper path following the instruction provided in the manual.

If you don’t see clean printouts, call toll free helpline number of Dell printer for instant tech support service.

Print Quality Issues with Dell Printer in B2360d & B2360dn Model

dell printing quality issue

Every printer encounters print quality issue at least once in its working life. This post is in context with Dell laser printer; model B2360d & B2360dn. At first, let’s have a look on some causes why the print quality reduces:

  • Inferior quality of paper.
  • Unclean printer interior.
  • Toner’s brand.
  • Low level of toner supply.

Listed are some of the low quality print issues with a Dell Printer and recommendations to solve them.

Printing Blank Pages

Please Note: Long exposure to direct light can also result in low quality prints. Make sure the imaging unit is not under direct contact of light for more than 10 minutes.

 This issue can be resolved through three methods:

  1. This might occur if any packing material is left on the imaging unit.
  • Remove the cartridge followed by the imaging unit.
  • Check for the packing material.
  • Re-install the imaging unit and then the toner cartridge.
  • Test by taking a printout.
  1. Redistribute the toner evenly in the imaging unit.
  • Pull out the toner cartridge and then imaging unit.
  • Hold the imaging unit strongly and shake it so that the toner is gets evenly distributed.
  • Put back the imaging unit and then the cartridge.
  • Take out a print to check the issue.
  1. Replace the imaging unit with a new one. Try the print job.

Streaked Horizontal and Vertical Lines Appear on the Prints

Important: Store the paper in its original package as it absorbs moisture due to high humidity. Moisture leads to print issues.

Try these options to see which one works for you:

  • Open the printing preferences or Print dialog box and specify the tray or feeder as per your OS.
  • Go to Printer control panel and set the paper type and weight to match with the specifications of paper loaded (or to be loaded) in the tray.
  • Load the paper from a new package.
  • Remove and re-install the toner cartridge and imaging unit.
  • If nothing works, get a new imaging unit.

Printing Gray Background on Prints

Try the following alternatives to resolve the issue:

  • On the printer control panel, open Quality Menu. From here reduce the toner darkness.
  • Remove and re-install the imaging unit and toner cartridge. Print the test page.
  • Replace the imaging unit with a new one preferably from Dell brand.

Broken/Jagged Characters

Print a font sample list to check the printer supported font types. See if you are using one of them. Go to Tools>Reports and select ‘OK.’ Select ‘Print Fonts’ and then ‘OK.’ Now follow this:

  • Press the arrow buttons till you reach PCL Fonts or PostScript Fonts. Press OK.
  • Select the font that is supported by the printer. If you want to use some other font, install it.
  • Re-try the print and check if the issue is resolved.

These were the most common issues with print quality although there are others too. If your issue is not listed here, contact Dell Printer support team for solutions.

Basic Steps to Solve Lexmark Printer Detection Issue

laxmark printer detection issue

When you attempt to print, you see an error message “Communication not available” on your computer. Then you check the internet connection which is indicating full connection. And, after number of failed attempts to print, you are here. Here is the solution to your Lexmark printer detection issue. It will work in the following situation:

  • There is no issue with the internet connection.
  • The internal printing test of demo page is working fine.
  • The printer was working fine until the recent print.
  • You can verify communication to the printer.
  • You can confirm that computer is working fine over the network.
  • You are not using Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

If all these prechecks are true in your case, proceed ahead. Else, take technical printer support. This printer detection issue may be an outcome of communication breakdown between computer and printer. Let’s move on to suggestions for repairing the issue.

Basic Fixes

    • Check cables and connections. Replug the USB cable at both ends (computer and printer.) Try a different USB cable and different USB port. Remove scanners, switchboxes and hubs in-between; establish a direct connection.
    • Remove and reattach the power supply cord to the printer. You should hear a noise coming out from the printer when cord is reattached.
    • When we use parallel port, the computer should be set up for bi-directional communication. If not so, change the parallel port mode in your computer to bi-directional or ECP using following steps:
        • Right click on ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Properties.’


        • Select ‘Device Manager’ and find the section ‘Ports (COM & LPT.)’ You will see a (+) sign at the left of this section.


        • Click it and look for ECP Printer Port (LPT1.) Do you see ‘ECP’ in the description? Is there any listing for printer port? Do you see exclamation marks or question marks next to LPT1 port? If the answer to first 2 questions is ‘No’ and to the last one is ‘Yes’, contact your computer manufacturer. Ask him to set ECP as description, list printer ports and solve question mark issue.


    • If all mentioned in the above step are ok, go to Start>Settings>Printers. Right click on Lexmark and select ‘Properties.’


    • Click on ‘Details’ tab. Under ‘Print to the following port’ parallel cables should say ‘LPT1’ and USB cables should say Lexmark or USB00x (x can vary from 1 to 9). Click Apply and Ok.


Is the printer still not working? There may be a hardware problem. You can contact any technician to help you in the issue. If you find difficulty in the above process at any step, call Contact Email Support for Lexmark Printer Support at the toll-free number.