How to Block Banner Ads in Yahoo Mail on Chrome, Firefox or IE?

how to block banner ads in Yahoo

Annoyed with the clumsy banners ads in Yahoo? Don’t worry! We have got your back.

Yahoo Mail is a free service as nothing comes free in the world. As a result; to keep the wolf out of the door, Yahoo makes it possible with the help of marketing advertisements. However, these can be called off anytime you like.

Feeling excited! Thanks, us later, meanwhile, keep following the article till the end.

If you need an instant and permanent blockage to these clumsy ads, you can always subscribe to the paid version of the Yahoo Mail Pro.

On the other hand, if in the case you don’t wish to lift the burden of the monthly subscription, you can install any third-party ad blocker extension or add-ons which will help you block the ads.

Before you begin, have a glimpse of the following points.

  • You use the latest version of the internet browser.
  • Go to the control panel, and uninstall the program which you aren’t familiar with.

How To Block Banner Ads In Google Chrome:

  • Click the menu button. (see below image)
  • Choose more tools, then extensions.
  • Select Get more extensions link.
  • Search for AdBlock.
  • Click the +Free then click Add.

Google crome extension

Now you have successfully added the AdBlock add-on but you will have to configure it so that it blocks the Yahoo Mail ads.

  • Click on the AdBlock button.
  • Choose the option to open a new tab.
  • Click Filter Lists options and ensure that EasyList is checked.

Restart the browser and sign-in to the Yahoo Mail. You must not see any ads inside your Yahoo Mail.

Mozilla Firefox: Adblock Plus extension to get rid of the marketing ads.

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and click on the settings. (see below image)
  • Choose Add-ons.
  • Search AdBlock Plus
  • Hit install to get the Adblock Plus.

firefox addon option

Similar to internet explorer, you will have to configure it. However, installing it as default solves the purpose but you shall not take a chance. Go ahead and double-check the settings.

  • Click the AdBlock Plus.
  • Choose Filter Preferences.
  • Ensure that you have checked the EasyList.
  • Make sure that the Allow some non-intrusive advertising mode is unchecked.
  • Restart the browser and sign-in to your Yahoo account.

This is how you can stop the aggravated marketing advertisement. If still, somehow you are unable to get the success, feel free to call 24/7 Yahoo customer care service helpline number to get the instant support in regards to the same.

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