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How to Add Signature In Outlook 2010?

add signature in outlook 2010

To leverage the advantage of technology and provide more convenience to the end-users, Programs and Software are kept on getting updated from time to time by the developers. Well undoubtedly, such updates are useful and necessary to survive the competition, users take time to learn and get used to the latest features. Similar is the case with Outlook 2010. Many Outlook users who upgraded from the earlier version of Outlook to Outlook 2010, they find a couple of features difficult to use or make changes to. One such difficulties are changing the Signature in Outlook 2010. To helps such users, below, we have provided a simple guide to easily add Signature in Outlook 2010.

Steps to Add Signature in Outlook 2010

1.) Open Outlook 2010 on your desktop and click File. A drop-down will appear.

2.) Under File, click Options located on the left-side menu. A list of options will appear.

3.) Click on Mail option from the list and then click on the Signatures button. A new window will appear.

4.) On the Signatures window, simply replace your current signature with the new one. However, if there isn’t any existing signature, click on the New button to create one.

5.) In the upper-right corner of the Signatures window, you will find the options to select your default signature and whether to add a signature on the replies automatically. Once you are done making the desired changes, click OK to save the changes.

6.) Try testing the changes done by sending a test email. Check if the new signature that you have assigned is appearing in the reply as per your requirement or not. If not, go back to the Signatures window and make changes accordingly.

So, this is how you can easily add a new Signature in Outlook 2010. In case you are unable to follow the above-given steps or if you are facing any other sort of issue in your Outlook 2010, you can ask for assistance from our Outlook customer support team.

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