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How To Sign Up For Comcast Email Account?

Comcast is considered to be one of the leading internet service providers and cable television service providers in all over the USA. The company is also known for producing many TV shows and also has sports arenas in the US. A lot of people prefer Comcast as their internet and cable television service provider. Moreover, the company is the 3rd biggest telecommunication service provider in the country. Their services can be hired easily through online. You can choose a plan as per your needs and requirement. However, while hiring their services you will need to sign up for Comcast email account. The processing of signing up for Comcast email account is very simple and can be done by following a few simple steps. Below you will find the step by step guidance to sign up for Comcast email account easily and quickly.

Steps to Sign Up For Comcast Email Account

1.Visit the official website of Comcast (

2.Browse the product or service you are looking to hire.

3.Once you have browsed and decided the service or offer you would like to purchase, locate the sign in option on the right-hand side top corner of the home page of Comcast. Click on the sign-in tab. This will take you to the sign-in page.

4.On the Comcast sign in page, find the option “Don’t have a username? Create one” and click on it. This is located just below the “forgot password” tab.

5.This will redirect to a new page where you will be asked to enter your phone number, security number, and account number. You will need to fill any of the three options. Fill the one of your choice and click “Continue

6.When asked, mention your area to know whether Comcast provides its services in your area or not. Enter your address and zip code, when asked.

7.Agree to the sign-in instructions to complete your sign up process and create a user id for your Comcast account.

8.With the user id that you get or create after the sign-up process, you can use this user id to create 6 more accounts for your family members.

So, these were the simple basic steps to sign up for Comcast email account. If you need any further assistance or find trouble signing up or signing into your Comcast account, simply get in touch with our Comcast email customer service helpline phone number and we will help resolve your issue within in no time. Our services are available 24/7, so feel free to hire our expert advice to cater your requirement.

Print Quality Issues with Dell Printer in B2360d & B2360dn Model

dell printing quality issue

Every printer encounters print quality issue at least once in its working life. This post is in context with Dell laser printer; model B2360d & B2360dn. At first, let’s have a look on some causes why the print quality reduces:

  • Inferior quality of paper.
  • Unclean printer interior.
  • Toner’s brand.
  • Low level of toner supply.

Listed are some of the low quality print issues with a Dell Printer and recommendations to solve them.

Printing Blank Pages

Please Note: Long exposure to direct light can also result in low quality prints. Make sure the imaging unit is not under direct contact of light for more than 10 minutes.

 This issue can be resolved through three methods:

  1. This might occur if any packing material is left on the imaging unit.
  • Remove the cartridge followed by the imaging unit.
  • Check for the packing material.
  • Re-install the imaging unit and then the toner cartridge.
  • Test by taking a printout.
  1. Redistribute the toner evenly in the imaging unit.
  • Pull out the toner cartridge and then imaging unit.
  • Hold the imaging unit strongly and shake it so that the toner is gets evenly distributed.
  • Put back the imaging unit and then the cartridge.
  • Take out a print to check the issue.
  1. Replace the imaging unit with a new one. Try the print job.

Streaked Horizontal and Vertical Lines Appear on the Prints

Important: Store the paper in its original package as it absorbs moisture due to high humidity. Moisture leads to print issues.

Try these options to see which one works for you:

  • Open the printing preferences or Print dialog box and specify the tray or feeder as per your OS.
  • Go to Printer control panel and set the paper type and weight to match with the specifications of paper loaded (or to be loaded) in the tray.
  • Load the paper from a new package.
  • Remove and re-install the toner cartridge and imaging unit.
  • If nothing works, get a new imaging unit.

Printing Gray Background on Prints

Try the following alternatives to resolve the issue:

  • On the printer control panel, open Quality Menu. From here reduce the toner darkness.
  • Remove and re-install the imaging unit and toner cartridge. Print the test page.
  • Replace the imaging unit with a new one preferably from Dell brand.

Broken/Jagged Characters

Print a font sample list to check the printer supported font types. See if you are using one of them. Go to Tools>Reports and select ‘OK.’ Select ‘Print Fonts’ and then ‘OK.’ Now follow this:

  • Press the arrow buttons till you reach PCL Fonts or PostScript Fonts. Press OK.
  • Select the font that is supported by the printer. If you want to use some other font, install it.
  • Re-try the print and check if the issue is resolved.

These were the most common issues with print quality although there are others too. If your issue is not listed here, contact Dell Printer support team for solutions.

How To Stop Others Tagging Me In Facebook

Facebook Tagging option is fun but when friends start tagging you in unrelated posts (photos and video), it becomes annoying. Do you face the same problem? Here is a post to handle this issue with various features provided by Facebook.

Removing Tags

You can simply untag yourself from any unrelated posts.

  1. Open the photo you are tagged in.
  2. Hover the cursor over your name in the tag and click on ‘Remove tag’ link. If you don’t see this option, move to next.
  3. Look for ‘Options’ below the image, click on it and select ‘Report/Remove’ Tag.
  4. Choose the reason and click ‘Continue.’

But, untagging every time also becomes a task if you have a large number of tags. So, let’s have a look on the next option.

Review Tags before Posting

Unfortunately, you cannot stop friends from tagging you on their Facebook posts, but you can completely control how these tags will appear on you timeline. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your Facebook account.
  3. At the top right corner look for inverted triangle; click on it and select ‘Settings’ from the drop down.
  4. facebook setting
  5. In the ‘Settings’ page; look for ‘Timeline and tagging’ option (fourth from top) in the left side menu. Click on it.
  6. facebook timeline and tagging
  7. In the right side panel, under the first option ‘Who can add things to my Timeline?’, click ‘Edit’ in front of second option ‘Review posts that friends tag you in before they appear on your Timeline?’
  8. In the expanded window, select ‘Enabled’ from the drop down.

Enabling this feature will allow you to manually approve each post you are tagged in before they appear in your timeline. For this:

  1. Click on your Username to go to your Timeline.
  2. Click on the ‘Vie Activity Log’ button on the bottom right corner of your cover image.
  3. Now click on Timeline Review on the left hand side menu. This will list all posts that you are tagged in with an option ‘Add to timeline.’ So, can add the post you like to your timeline and hide others.

You can also control who can see your timeline posts through the ‘Timeline and tagging’ option. So, till Facebook introduces any feature to stop friends from tagging you, the best way is to set up the posts review option. If you still have any issue with tagging or any other feature, get in touch with Facebook customer support team by dialing toll free phone number.