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Basic Steps to Solve Lexmark Printer Detection Issue

laxmark printer detection issue

When you attempt to print, you see an error message “Communication not available” on your computer. Then you check the internet connection which is indicating full connection. And, after number of failed attempts to print, you are here. Here is the solution to your Lexmark printer detection issue. It will work in the following situation:

  • There is no issue with the internet connection.
  • The internal printing test of demo page is working fine.
  • The printer was working fine until the recent print.
  • You can verify communication to the printer.
  • You can confirm that computer is working fine over the network.
  • You are not using Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

If all these prechecks are true in your case, proceed ahead. Else, take technical printer support. This printer detection issue may be an outcome of communication breakdown between computer and printer. Let’s move on to suggestions for repairing the issue.

Basic Fixes

    • Check cables and connections. Replug the USB cable at both ends (computer and printer.) Try a different USB cable and different USB port. Remove scanners, switchboxes and hubs in-between; establish a direct connection.
    • Remove and reattach the power supply cord to the printer. You should hear a noise coming out from the printer when cord is reattached.
    • When we use parallel port, the computer should be set up for bi-directional communication. If not so, change the parallel port mode in your computer to bi-directional or ECP using following steps:
        • Right click on ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Properties.’


        • Select ‘Device Manager’ and find the section ‘Ports (COM & LPT.)’ You will see a (+) sign at the left of this section.


        • Click it and look for ECP Printer Port (LPT1.) Do you see ‘ECP’ in the description? Is there any listing for printer port? Do you see exclamation marks or question marks next to LPT1 port? If the answer to first 2 questions is ‘No’ and to the last one is ‘Yes’, contact your computer manufacturer. Ask him to set ECP as description, list printer ports and solve question mark issue.


    • If all mentioned in the above step are ok, go to Start>Settings>Printers. Right click on Lexmark and select ‘Properties.’


    • Click on ‘Details’ tab. Under ‘Print to the following port’ parallel cables should say ‘LPT1’ and USB cables should say Lexmark or USB00x (x can vary from 1 to 9). Click Apply and Ok.


Is the printer still not working? There may be a hardware problem. You can contact any technician to help you in the issue. If you find difficulty in the above process at any step, call Contact Email Support for Lexmark Printer Support at the toll-free number.

How To Fix Hacked Comcast Email Account

Emails have become a major source of communication in the digital era. Your email id is your digital address. It is required to avail various online services and there is no doubt that it needs to be protected with a strong password. However, sometimes due to your own ignorance or we can say due to the smartness of hackers, your email account gets hacked. This is the reason why you have landed up to this article. Even if your account is not hacked and you are generally interested in this topic; read through to save yourself or your known from such situations. Some words of precautions are also offered at the end of the article.

No matter which email service provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Comcast) you are using; these are some common and immediate instructions you can follow when your account gets hacked:

(Note: You can benefit from the following options if you can log in to your account otherwise you can only contact the support service of your email service provider)

Change Password:

This is the most obvious thing and must be done at the earliest. As soon as you notice any threat; change your password. This will lock the hacker out from your account. This time select a password which is difficult to guess (a combination of numbers, alphabets and special characters) yet easy for you to remember.

Change the Password of related accounts:

If you have used the same email address and even password (which is not recommended) for any other service; make immediate changes. Change the password of all related accounts to be on the safe side.

Change the security question and its answer:

These are the questions which are used to regain access to your account when you lose it. There are chances that the hacker might have seen them and will surely try to get access to your account. So, change the security question and its answer.

Change the backup email address:

If the hackers have got control over your backup mail, they can always request to send the password to this mail and hack your account again. So, change this and reset its password too.

After making these changes, your account is again secured. But, in order to avoid such situations in future keep the below mentioned precautionary points in mind:

  • Don’t ever log in to your email account on public computers or unsecured Wi-Fi networks.
  • Always use the secured “https” address to visit a website.
  • Never open any suspicious mail sent to your mailbox. Delete the permanently without opening.
  • Use efficient malware protection software.
  • Keep different passwords for different accounts.

If you don’t understand any of the above instruction, contact us on toll free number for Comcast Customer Services.