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How To Change or Customize Yahoo Email Theme

Are you bored of the same yahoo email theme? If yes, there is no reason why you should delay in changing the theme. It is clear that yahoo provides highly lavish and innovative features that make it one of the most popular and exciting webmail service providers. Even when it comes to customizing or personalizing, Yahoo mail provides immense opportunities. If you have never explored the customizing features or the themes available, you will surely be surprised when you come across its amazing features. In fact, yahoo offers a huge array of choices when it comes to applying the themes. You can learn finding and changing the themes. And, if you face any kind of confusion, you can dial the helpline number and get the tech support from the experts.

Simple steps for changing ‘Theme’ in Yahoo Mail

If you have never changed the ‘theme’ and you know not how to do it, you can follow the below simple steps and change the theme without any difficulties:

•    Open the internet browser and launch Yahoo Mail

•    Sign in to your yahoo account by entering the username and password in the given space

•    Find the Sprocket or Gear icon on the top right of the email page

•    Click this icon and scroll down the top down menu to find ‘Themes

•    Click ‘Themes’ and explore the available themes

•    Choose the theme as per your choice and click on it

•    Click ‘done’ to apply the changes

This completes the process of changing the theme. If you do not like the changed theme, you can go through the same process and choose and apply any one of the available themes. If you still feel confused or find it difficult to change the theme, you are most welcome to contact the yahoo mail experts and get due technical help. The support executives are on their toes all the time and you can access their support whenever you face any confusion or difficulties.

Other customizing features in Yahoo Mail For Theme

Yahoo is embellished with several customizing features. Not only can you change the background theme as per your desire and requirements, but at the same time, you can also make use of several other customizing or personalizing features. For instance, you can create and add your own signature to render more personal touch to your email messages. If you wish to add folders for organizing the email messages, you can do it in no time. Moreover, you have all the freedom and facility to contact the yahoo experts if you need any technical assistance.

How To Categories Emails In Yahoo Mail Account

Has there been a moment when you wasted a lot of time scrolling through the junk of the email messages just to find one important email message? Though Yahoo mail is embellished with highly elegant and user-friendly features like you can create folders and categorize the email messages.

Here are steps to creating or adding folders:

•    Launch Yahoo mail and sign in by entering the username and password

•    Find the Plus (+) sign on the right to ‘Folders’ on the left panel

•    Click on the Plus sign to create folder

•    Type the desired name on the space provided for the same and press ‘OK’

The process of creating folder gets completed here. You can create several folders as per your choice and requirements. You can do this by repeating the same process. What you need something extra is to type the different names each time you create a new folder.

Adding filters In Yahoo Mail Account

After creating or adding folders, what you need is to add filters. You can add filters by following the steps given below:

•    Find the ‘Gear’ icon on the top right of your yahoo mail main page

•    Click this and scroll down the drop down menu to find ‘Settings’

•    Click ‘Settings’ and find the ‘Filters’ option

•    Click on the desired folder under ‘Sort incoming messages into folder’

•    Click ‘Add’

This is the fundamental procedure to add folders and filter the messages. However, you can still go further and use the rules of filtering to route the particular email messages into the desired folders you have added or created.

Defining parameters using filter rules

You can set the parameters as your choice. You can set the rules about how yahoo should identify the email messages for routing them to specific folders you have created. The parameters include:

•    Sender

•    Recipient

•    Subject

•    E-mail Body

You can set any of the parameters and the yahoo mail will identify the emails on the basis of the set rules and direct them to destined folders.

It takes only a few minutes to customize and categorize your yahoo mail account, and in case of difficulties, you can always access the yahoo tech support executives for technical assistance.

Yahoo Launches New Yahoo Mail App For Android With Color Themes

You can use various color themes when you access yahoo account from your handheld device on mobile. You have to just download the app and use the color feature to make your yahoo app on mobile phone more lively and impressive.

1.    In order to use yahoo mail app in your mobile with colored themes you have to update the app if you have old version of the app.

2.    For this you can go to Google play store and update the latest version. For this you will have to remove the old app and install the new app. For this you should also ensure that all your data is backed up so that you do not lose any data while upgrading.

3.    When you login tool your yahoo mail account from your smart phone or handheld device you to have to provide your same username and ID as well as password as you do to log into your yahoo account from laptop or computer.

4.    Once you login to your yahoo account properly you can go to settings. After this you will have to ensure that you follow the right steps so that you are able to make use of the colorful themes in yahoo mail.

5.    Go to the settings and go to the themes. There you will find various custom made themes and various colorful thing pictures which you can select. Usually this type of facilities provided for online access through computer. But these types of solutions are now provided by yahoo for handheld devices and smart phones as well.

How To Configure Gmail With Outlook

As an email accessing platform, Outlook has won the hearts and trust of the email users worldwide. In modern days, most internet users have more than one email addresses. This provides immense convenience for communication. However, using several emails can be, at times, quite hectic and tedious as one needs to sign in to various webmail services. However, Outlook eliminates such inconveniences and provides the luxury of accessing all the email accounts at one single platform. The people trying to access Gmail at Outlook for the first time may find it a bit confusing. But that is not a great hindrance. Gmail can be easily synced with Outlook within just a few minutes.

Configuration steps of Gmail To Outlook

Following are the quick steps for configuring Gmail with Outlook:

• Sign in to Gmail account by entering the username and password in the given spaces

• Click the ‘Gear’ icon on the top right of the mail page and scroll down to find ‘Settings’

• Click ‘Settings’ and then ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP

• Select ‘Enable IMAP’ in the IMAP selection section and click ‘Save changes’

Once the IMAP is enabled, you can complete the following process

• Open Outlook and sign in to it

• Choose and click ‘Account settings’

• Find and click ‘New’ button present in the ‘Mail’ tab

• Enter the required information such as name, username, and password etc.

• Wait for a few seconds for Outlook to connect

• Let the messages download

• Export the Google or Gmail contacts to a file

• Go to Outlook again and import

• Browse the file downloaded from Gmail

• Select the way you wish to handle the duplicates

• Use the imported contacts as you use the Outlook contacts

You can now access and use the Gmail account through Outlook. Likewise, you can sync and access the other email accounts. Now there is no need to sign in to different webmail services and waste your time and energy. Just open and sign in to Outlook and you will conveniently be able to access and use all the other email accounts.

Though, syncing Gmail account with Outlook is not a difficult process, some of the new users may find it a bit cumbersome. But that should not stop anyone from enjoying the luxury of using the email accounts through Outlook. The outlook customer support professionals are just at the finger-click distance if facing any issue in configuration.

Manage Multiple Email Accounts With Yahoo Email

You can manage multiple yahoo mail through single yahoo mail interface. This will help you to centralize your responses if you receive mails from different people in different e-mail addresses. Here is how you can manage multiple e-mail accounts with yahoo mail:

First you have to add different yahoo mail accounts to your primary account in the following manner-

Steps to add multiple email accounts with Yahoo Email

•    Go to the menu icon and click on settings.

•    Click on manage accounts and then select add account.

•    Now you have to enter your yahoo ID and password and then select sign in.

Now you can easily switch between different yahoo mail accounts. To do this you have to

•    Click the menu icon

•    In the space provided you have to enter the e-mail ID you want to access.

•    You will be switched to the same e-mail account.

If you want to sign out of the yahoo account you have to follow these steps:

•    Click on the menu icon and then select settings

•    Now you have to select manage accounts

•    You will be getting a drop down on which all the accounts you had added will be reflected.

•    Now you just have to select the account you want to log out from.

•    Now select sign out and click continue

These are the steps required to manage multiple mail accounts from your yahoo mail account through a single interface. This will help you to manage your correspondences in a better manner. You will not miss out on anything as you will have access to all the accounts simultaneously. Suppose you have to tell a client about a particular thing the answer to which is in a different mail in a different yahoo mail account. All you need to do is just switch to that particular yahoo account and get the information. If you want you can also directly mail from the same yahoo mail account.

This feature is quite helpful for those users who have businesses and want to use yahoo account for their business purpose. There are many more exciting features which they can use and ensure proper communication with their present and prospective clients that all time. It is much easier to revert to someone when you have related information handy at all times. If you have any confusion or do not know how to use these features you can always contact yahoo customer care and get meaningful and quality solutions for all yahoo mail problem at all times.